If you’ve meandered through one of the many car shows of the Northwest, you’ve probably seen some pretty cool rides. It’s a great way to get up close to a piece of history. The common vehicles featured in most of these shows are mid ‘50s to late ‘70s American-made automobiles. Some shows have rules as to how old the car must be to be shown, what condition it is in or where it was made. While these shows can be a lot of fun, especially for those who grew up driving one of these muscle machines, being able to see a wider variety of automotive his...

Many people move to Sandpoint for the quality of life, beautiful scenery and endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors year-round. While many may assume that living in a rural area means sacrificing access to quality health care, that is not the case for those who call Sandpoint and the surrounding area home. Bonner General Health, with the support of the Bonner General Health Foundation, provides quality services that many may assume they would have to travel to Coeur d’Alene or Spokane to receive.

The Foundation was originally formed in 197...

Turn the corner on Church Street in Downtown Sandpoint, and it’s hard not to notice the large grey modern building that now houses the Kochava offices. The space used to house Inkwell—an office machine rental and office supply store—as well as a few doctors’ offices. Its upstairs was home to the local high school baseball team’s batting practice during the winter months. Before Kochava purchased it and moved its offices from the former Columbia Bank location in 2016, the large piece of real estate was rather rundown and far under serving its po...

I often hear this question in my practice: “Why is my shoulder popping?” There are multiple reasons for this common issue, as the shoulder is a complex and unstable joint. It is comprised of bone, ligaments, cartilage and tendons that allow for ease of movement in so many different directions, but this is also why the shoulder is a commonly injured joint that results in shoulder pain.

Why do I have shoulder pain and popping? Before you assume the worst, ask yourself the following:

1. Is the popping you feel painful?

2. Has there been a recent i...

Opened in 2012, AFS Home Health has been providing exceptional home health services for Bonner, Boundary and Kootenai counties. The company was acquired in October of 2019 by Eden Home Health and will continue to serve the community with compassionate, quality care in the comfort and safety of your own home.

If you or someone you know is recovering from surgery or illness, or living with a chronic disease, AFS Eden Health's highly skilled medical team of clinicians will ensure to create a safe, supportive, professional environment in the privac...

Brady Nelsen

Photo By Amy Stephensen 

As Sandpoint High School’s head wrestling coach, Jake Stark exclaims, “Brady Nelsen is the epitome of Sandpoint wrestling.” A senior at Sandpoint High School, Brady is a competitive student athlete, participating in three varsity sports: cross-country, wrestling and track. Stark praises Brady in his work ethic, “which puts him in the elite athlete category as a wrestler,” Stark said.

Brady just recently signed with Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston to be a part of their cross-country/track and field progr...

Born and raised in North Idaho, Nick and Sheyna Rust knew that this was the area that would always be home. They live an adventurous lifestyle with their two daughters, Darby and Jacey.  When they’re not at work, you will find the Rust family out on the lake, in the woods or at the ski hill.

“We feel truly blessed upon the success we have been able to create in the place we love,” says Nick.
After years of hard work, Nick and Sheyna are excited about the future of the two companies they’ve created, now named RTS Tile & Stone and Cleanlinez Tile...

Costa Rica is a country of near endless green, dense jungles, incredible biodiversity, volcanoes, white sand beaches; a perfect place to relax, unwind and soak up some vitamin D. While thousands come here for these reasons, each year a group of Sandpoint students make the flight down for a far more intense visit.

“I’m actually surprised we get anyone to sign-up!” laughed Perky Smith-Hagadone. Perky is the principal at Northside Elementary. Along with friend and recently retired teacher Marcea Marine, they formed Ecoteach, a yearly trip for a fe...

The concept of driving across the country today is no small undertaking. It can take weeks of planning, stacks of road maps and an unquenchable thirst for the road.

The first passage by automobile more than a century ago—in 1903 to be exact—was a challenge to both the vehicle and the brave individuals who tested the limits to travel from sea to shining sea.

A bicycle racer who made his home in Tacoma, Washington, was half of the duo to successfully make the first journey by motorcar across the country more than 115 years ago. His name and the v...

In a quest to teach graphic design to elementary students, Ann Dickinson stumbled into a program that has slowly taken over her classrooms in the six years since.

Now there is evidence of it across Sandpoint, too—but Dickinson isn’t the one steering the change. Her students are the ones doing that.

“The adults don’t drive the project, kids do,” Dickinson said.

Dickinson teaches health at Sandpoint Middle School, but before that she taught at Washington Elementary. That was where she first heard about Design For Change: a K-12 program that can b...

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