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Offering the Best in Land and Aquatic Therapy

Offering the Best in Land and Aquatic Therapy

Christina Rust has been serving the Sandpoint community for the past 15 years as owner and doctor of physical therapy at Cornerstone Physical Therapy and Aquatics.

A native Sandpoint resident, Christina opened Cornerstone in 2003 and has been successfully serving the Sandpoint community ever since. “As the need for therapy increases, we aim to meet the needs and grow our staff,” she says.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy and Aquatics is best known in the Sandpoint community for their specialized aquatic therapy, which is performed in their warm therapeutic pool—Sandpoint's only full-size aquatic therapy and rehabilitation pool. Twenty-two feet by 32 feet, the pool has four depth levels to accommodate all heights, is kept at a comfortable 90 degrees and is chlorine-free with a salt-water system. Osteoarthritis and degenerative spinal conditions respond well to the warm-water environment.

The clinic also offers traditional land therapy for a variety of conditions—post-operative orthopedic conditions, injuries and subacute to chronic neurological conditions. At the full-service facility, they offer a full-size gym with mirrors for assessment, the computerized Footmaxx program to analyze gait and evaluate for custom orthotics, therapeutic massage, manual therapy and a medically supervised weight loss and exercise program. Cornerstone Physical Therapy and Aquatics offers its clients only the best to help guide them back to physical health.

At Cornerstone, Christina, along with her experienced and educated team of professionals, are dedicated to providing their clients with a superior level of care in order to help enhance physical well-being—and improve the quality of their lives. They work together to create an effective personalized treatment program, offering the shortest recovery period possible while ensuring maximum functional outcomes. The clients’ goals are their No. 1 priority.

“The most rewarding part about working at Cornerstone Physical Therapy and Aquatics is the ability to help people restore their independence and return to activities they enjoy,” says Christina. “Offering the therapeutic pool helps people reduce their pain and increase mobility in a way that cannot always be done on land.”

Mountian View Contrucation

According to Christina, Cornerstone is successful because of the unconditional support of local and surrounding communities. In addition, “We are thankful to have seasoned therapists who have amazing skills to offer our patients,” she says. “Cornerstone takes great pride in continuing education and encourages the therapists to continue their educational journey.”

Throughout the years, Cornerstone staff has participated in many community events including local lectures, working with local youth sports teams, writing articles for the local paper and volunteering for community events. They are excited to soon be partnering with the community to offer quarterly information sessions regarding local businesses.

If you are in need of physical therapy, look no further. Christina and her Cornerstone Physical Therapy and Aquatics team are ready to lead you on your path to healing.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy and Aquatics

1301 North Division Avenue

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


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