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Community at its Core

Creative classes inspire through movement

By Jillian Chandler

Photo Courtesy of Embody Studio

“In 2000, I wanted to travel and learn a new trade and step away from our Western ways of thinking,” recalls Brietta Leader. “I traveled to Thailand to study ancient Thai massage, venturing to India as well to be a part of the largest spiritual gathering on the planet—the Maha Kumba Mela. After six months, I realized my path as a healing artist.”

A life immersed in dance, paired with her travels, led Brietta to a lifestyle that was interwoven with passion and the inspiration to be of service to her community. Immediately upon her return stateside, Brietta earned her white belt for the Nia technique (movement form) and began Moondance Movement & Massage in July 2001.

In February of 2016, Brietta would partner with Blissa Nizzoli, opening Embody Center for the Healing Arts. “Opening Embody felt like landing in my home studio after being a nomad and teaching out of different studios for 15 years,” shares Brietta. “This summer I will be celebrating the business that I started 20 years ago (Moondance Movement & Massage), which has essentially partnered with Embody.”

Embody Studio offers dance-based movement programs, unique styles of yoga, ecstatic dance, breathwork, meditation, red tent gatherings, massage, Shamanic energy practitioners and private healing sessions. It is the home to the creators of two different trademarked movement forms: WildCore™ Movement, designed by Brietta, and Primal Vinyasa™, created by Annie Adamson. Embody’s instructors are artists, well-educated and experienced with body movement and healing.

“As a studio owner, I love being a people connector. It is a joy to offer a space where passionate teachers can connect with students, other teachers and community members, resulting in some form of magic and synchronicity,” Brietta says. “This integration leads to creative and inspiring classes that are unique to Embody Studio. Each class has a vivaciousness of its own, and you will leave feeling more deeply connected to yourself and others.”

Embody Center for the Healing Arts is community centered, with classes and workshops always evolving and shifting with the seasons, the community's needs and the changing times. In addition, Embody welcomes the unique blending of the healing arts. Brietta takes pride in being able to contribute to the mental and physical health of the community through the classes and offerings shared at Embody.

“One of the main motivations that keeps me deeply connected to this style of work is the profound healing effect dance and movement has on people,” she states. “My favorite part of being a leader of embodiment are the moments people awaken into their expressive, wild animal body and realize their power to self-heal.”

Embody Studio is also home to a local dance troupe—Gypsy Divas. Since 2007, this unique group of women shares their love of the ancient art of dance, with each performance encompassing a unique story of inspiration, original costuming and world music. Gypsy Divas has performed at Festival of Sandpoint, Winter Carnival, Sandpoint Farmers Market, Shakespeare in the Park, The Follies, Moondance Productions and both Summer Fest and NW Yoga Feast for 10 years.

In addition to her work done through the studio, Brietta has been a member of the Eureka Board since 2017, which is currently hosting a Free Meal Initiative, providing 100 spaghetti dinners to the Food Bank each week. During the summer, Eureka Institute hosts both Summer Fest and NW Yoga Feast, which Brietta not only participates in but helps to create.

“I have had so much support over the years from my husband, friends and family that I am so grateful for!” Brietta smiles. “It is truly the attitude of not giving up, the medicine of movement and the statement of ‘What else would I do?’ that has been the steady current in this river of life.”

If you are in search of creative classes that will inspire your body and soul, Brietta invites you to discover Embody.

Embody Center for the Healing Arts

823 Main Street

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


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