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Student in the Spotlight: Anna Woodward

By Christian Weaner

Sandpoint High School Student

Anna Woodward, Senior

During her time as a student at Sandpoint High School (SHS), Anna Woodward has learned some important life lessons about the value of facing challenges head on and working hard for what is hers.

Anna not only participates in the Math Club and Business Professionals of America (BPA) at SHS, but she also helped establish a book club at the school, works 25 hours a week at Serv-A-Burger and helps her mom at the Farmer's Market.

"While food service jobs may not be particularly glamorous nor my intended career, I have grown to love my job there," Anna explained. "I am a shift supervisor and able to work all positions."

"Both the Farmer's Market and my job in food service gave me a greater admiration of hard work," she continued. "I helped make the schedules for a few months and very quickly came to appreciate my manager more. Also, having money of my own certainly made me value it more."

Anna possesses an even-keel, hardworking attitude that helps her to see the positives in life and stay down to earth.

Many of Anna's best high school memories come from opportunities she had to partner with her classmates, connecting with others and sharing her creativity.

"Working with other students, especially in hands-on activities, like launching a two-liter rocket or decorating a skeleton for Día de los Muertos, makes for entertaining and lively learning," Anna described.

Anna has also learned the value of powering through her struggles and sticking with her academics when things are hard.

"One of my favorite subjects is Spanish, but it does not come easily to me," Anna examined. "I am now in Spanish IV, and Mrs. Imaz has taught me since my second year of the language. Her commitment to helping me both with Spanish and personally has helped me grow into a more persistent person. I am forever grateful to her."

Outside of school, two of Anna's passions are books and animals, both of which she owns many of. Her bookshelf is overflowing, and "the animals at my house are probably in similar numbers," she added.

A "sanctuary" is what she calls her home, which houses numerous ducks, including two sister geese named Banana and Ryan that Anna helped raise from the time they were born.

Overall, Anna appreciates Bonner County, and she hopes to return one day if she can. She plans to pursue either finance or statistics after she graduates, although she is still uncertain about a specific career.

One thing is for certain, however. Wherever she goes and whatever she does, Anna will always carry her conscientious, diligent spirit with her.

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