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The Language of Lānaʻi starts at Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort

A gentle wellness immersion designed by you By Julie Reed

A Four Seasons Resort

Nestled in a secluded island of Hawaii, Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort‘s adult wellness retreat combines the beauty of nature with the expertise of highly trained practitioners in the areas of nutrition, mindfulness and exercise physiology—all in a luxuriously styled state-of-the-art resort tailored for your every need.

Welcome to the most exquisite and tranquil surrounding, a style of vacationing that offers a richer and more fulfilling experience. The Resort’s mantra is move, nourish and rest, the Sensei Way, to live in abundance and health. Your personally curated experience includes an array of activities and support from passionate and highly trained teams that offer private sessions as well as small group activities and a plethora of relaxing spa services. If adventure is on the agenda and the need for a little adrenaline, the exhilarating island excursions are for you! The sailing trip on the catamaran should be on top of the list of to-dos!

A new way of vacationing is upon us, and Sensei Lānaʻi does it to perfection. A place to gain knowledge of oneself, an invitation to the world’s purities combined with a wellness retreat for the soul. Set your own pace and customize your itinerary to help guide you to a path of a healthier you.

You will be taken care of from every aspect including your thoughtfully appointed room, the dining experience, to your planned itinerary. Everything is procured to make your time most valuable. Empower yourself with data-based findings to make greater strides with your health goals.

Walk the gardens and inhale the peacefulness, explore the menu of spa experiences, and delight in the structure of the resort that is designed to let the light stream in, bringing you a sense of calm and renewed spirit.


Arrive red-carpet style via private plane from Honolulu to Lānaʻi. Concierge transfers from Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport to Lānaʻi is included with your reservation at Sensei Lānaʻi. Four Seasons’ staff members will accompany you every step of the way, beginning with a 35-minute flight to Lānaʻi on Lāna‘i Air, then transporting you to the resort—about a 10-minute drive from the airport.

A retreat that fills the senses and a getaway where dreams become a reality, your lavish stay at Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort starts with a welcome upon arrival that puts you in relaxation mode from the start. You won’t help but notice the Cook pines lining your path to the resort, purposely planted to give you a sense of belonging.

Make sure you take advantage of the wellness team of practitioners to learn new techniques for a better you! Tailor-made fitness with Biomarkers, nutritionists and meditation sessions are all at your fingertips! You will receive your itinerary for your carefully planned stay. Do as little or as much as you desire!

Allow the personalized experiences menu to help guide you to a path of well-being and a journey that deepens your connection to your health goals and intentions. Your balanced itinerary should include a wide variety: Choose a spa treatment, one of the fun on-site activities that interests you, an excursion, and a visit with the health practitioner team members. Personally, you will see that co-founder Dr. David Agus has given his expert touch on helping people discover ways to a healthier existence. The techniques and information that were shared with me about my own health were astonishing! Access these keys to a better way of life.

Explore the plentiful avocations on this expansive property that culminates land, water and sky with hues of blues you have never seen. Some of my favorites: Wander amidst the onsen garden pathways with beautiful streams and small bridgeways, and soak in one of the 10 private tubs tucked into the garden hideaways. A favorite discovery!

Definitely observe the outdoor art collection and unique sculpture displays. Swim laps or take a leisurely dip in the larger pool with an oasis of tropical plants and trees that surround the pool deck. Having a quiet moment poolside isn’t a bad choice either.

Lounge chairs are conveniently tucked away to give you privacy. To the Spa! Private massage hales are separate buildings for just you and feature 1,000 square feet of bliss to extend your spa treatment. Enjoy a soaking tub, rain shower, sauna, outside pools and streams after your massage. Top of the list: Reflexology and Lomi Lomi. Amazing health benefits and de-stress activators. Retreat for the Yogi ~ Restorative Aerial Yoga was another favorite; you may also enjoy morning meditation and Sensei Yoga Flow.

If you’re looking for adventure, there’s the fun and freeing zip line, where you’ll ride high amongst the trees and take in the view! Challenge your mind and body with the ropes course while honing in on teamwork and problem-solving skills. This is a super unique course designed on a moat. Welcome the day with a hike on the Koloiki Ridge and bask in the beauty on this 4.9-mile journey to panoramic views of Maui and Moloka`i. You’ll feel invigorated and appreciate the gifts of movement and mother nature. If horses are your passion, check out the equestrian experience. Riding or viewing these beautiful animals in the green pasture during sunrise can be quite an experience as well as a magical photographer moment.


Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort is bountiful with native plants and grounds filled with surprises in every nook of this stunning property oasis. The intricate, colorful pathways to all the different amenities are perfectly designed to make every walk to your next destination an experience in itself. You may find yourself aimlessly walking to see where each curve will take you!

The expansive lobby is filled with artwork, perfectly placed curated statues, lighting to match every mood of the day, and fully demonstrates the essence of a welcoming spirit.

The Japanese-inspired and architecturally designed space will lovingly bestow on you with open arms. The passion behind this impeccable landmark matches the passion of its people.

Surround yourself with comfort and serenity. All of the accommodations are decorated with natural, monochromatic tones that soothe the soul. Quality of sleep is an important feature that has not been untended. The beds, dimmable light fixtures and motorized blinds add to the luxury! Your sanctuary with private balcony awaits!


Nourish the soul at Sensei by Nobu restaurant, with its ever-changing curated collection of fresh ingredients delivered by nature. The dining space, surrounded by a glass pavilion inside and a koi pond outside, exudes both culture and design that matches the exquisite cuisine. World-renowned Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa, in collaboration with Dr. Agus, have created pairings that inspire your palette and deliver optimal nourishment benefits. First night, go for the sampler—an all-out masterful flavor and savoir-faire.

Discover the Resort bar. This indoor-outdoor concept’s open and welcoming space is the spot for a casual walk-in either after a restorative yoga session to grab a quick snack or a relaxing hangout to unwind at the end of the day. Bring your libations outside if you desire to lounge on the comfortable furniture and enjoy the landscape.

A Destination That is Unmatched

To encapsulate this resort in one article is a difficult task. The attention to the details from beginning to end is really what makes this place so special. Every effort is made to find the best people in the industry on every level to make your stay something from out of this world. Of course, no doubt the land, sea and air, combined with the accommodations, will take hold of you, but the passionate people really are what makes this resort so incredible. The focus will be on you, and they will become an amazing part of your wellness journey. You will dream of a return as soon as you step foot off of the plantation.

Reserve your stay at Sensei; luxury adventure in tranquility with a wellness mindset in a place less traveled.

Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort -

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