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The Team at The Retreat Salon & Day Spa Brings Passion and Experience

The Retreat Salon & Day Spa

A Haven of Beauty, Relaxation and Rejuvenation By Jillian Chandler

Meri Gabell’s journey in the wellness and arts fields began many years ago, starting with a passion for graphic design and fine arts during her college days. “My deepest passions have always revolved around artistic expression in all its forms and a strong desire to assist others,” she reflects.

In a “serendipitous twist,” she stumbled upon the path of massage therapy, and she immediately knew it was the “perfect fit” for her career aspirations. “I sought a profession that would allow me to help people, keep me actively engaged and offer the flexibility needed for future family plans,” she reflects. “Massage therapy not only met these criteria but also ignited a profound love for supporting clients in maintaining their well-being and experiencing the transformative benefits of medical massage.”

Her journey continued to progress, as Meri enhanced her expertise by becoming certified in esthetics—a decision that proved invaluable, “as the world of skin care beautifully complements the art of massage therapy within the spa industry,” she believes. “Offering my clients a diverse range of services, ensuring they feel well and confident in their appearance, has brought immense gratification to my work.”

She and her team celebrated the one-year anniversary of the opening of The Retreat Salon & Day Spa in August, and Meri could not be prouder of the success the business has seen and the support the community has shown.

“The appreciation and gratitude I receive from clients for the work I do is heartwarming. It reinforces my passion for my profession and drives me to do even better,” she notes. “The ability to make a positive impact on someone's well-being though massage therapy is incredibly fulfilling, and knowing that I've played a part in making someone's day brighter or boosting their self-esteem through my esthetic services is a feeling like no other.” At The Retreat Salon & Day Spa, clients are treated to a thoughtful combination of ambiance, attention to detail, trained professionals, tailored services with a strong focus on their needs and preferences, holistic wellness and ongoing improvement. “My insatiable thirst for knowledge fuels my drive to continuously improve and excel in every aspect of our industry. I relish the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, providing the best possible care and experiences for those I serve,” Meri shares.

Staying at the forefront of the industry is essential, and Meri and her team continually update service offerings with innovative treatments and techniques to provide clients with the latest and most effective options available. This commitment to ongoing education and research sets them apart as a salon and spa that is dedicated to offering the best in beauty and wellness services.

“Our commitment to excellence and genuine care for our clients’ well-being allow us to offer a truly extraordinary and transformative experience for all who seek solace in our sanctuary, Meri smiles.”

She and her team believe that every client is different and deserves personalized attention, and they take the time to understand each individual’s specific needs, concerns and preferences. Meri adds, “Our team of skilled professionals tailors their services to address these unique requirements, ensuring that every client receives a customized and satisfying experience.”

From the ambiance of the space to the professionalism of the staff, every aspect of The Retreat Salon & Spa is designed to ensure clients feel pampered and relaxed, and already planning their next visit.

Whether you’re looking to unwind solo or share the bliss with a partner, or a large group (bridal party, corporate event or special occasion), The Retreat Salon & Day Spa has the capacity to cater to multiple clients simultaneously without compromising the quality of service. “This sets us apart as a go-to destination for group bookings and celebrations,” Meri smiles.

As September rolls in and kids head back to school, Meri invites parents to indulge in a well-deserved break with The Retreat’s exclusive Service Sampler Package. Priced at just $180, this enticing package is comprised of a 20-minute Classic Massage, Fast Results Facial and an Express Manicure and Pedicure—ensuring a revitalizing experience. As a gesture of appreciation to their local patrons, they offer a 20 percent discount on all services every Tuesday. And be sure to visit their website regularly, where they showcase monthly specials featuring different services at a special discounted rate.

Meri invites you to “embrace relaxation and rejuvenation at our haven, where you'll find solace from the daily grind.” The Retreat Salon & Day Spa

1315 Highway 2, Suite 5

Sandpoint, Idaho


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