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Sandpoint beauty studio changing lives

By Jillian Chandler

“I prayed a lot asking God for direction if this is what I was meant to do to. Already having a successful salon, I thought it crazy to basically start a new business endeavor at almost 50! But I received encouragement from my husband, three daughters and amazing friends. The opportunity presented itself, so I went for it.” And BeeQueen Studio was born.

Two years later, Heidi Rockholm is truly grateful, and proud, she made the decision to pursue this path. “I love the beauty business as a whole but wanted to bring something bigger and better to Sandpoint. I wanted to create a special niché.”

Heidi has called Sandpoint home since 2004 and opened Belleza Design Salon the following year, where she has been providing hair and makeup services to the Sandpoint community for 15 years. In April of 2018, she introduced her clients to BeeQueen Studio (located inside Belleza), where they specialize in cosmetic tattooing and restoration, tattoo removal, lash lift and tint, brow lamination & henna brows. Heidi brings her 28 years in the beauty business, continuing to hone her craft through ongoing learning, training and practice.

At BeeQueen Studio, Heidi provides her clients with industry-leading services with the latest technology and only the best products available. “Our services are completely customized to fit your unique needs and to ensure the best PMU (permanent makeup) results possible,” affirms Heidi. “We use digital micropigmentation technology, not microblading. Our method can be used on basically every skin type and for every age bracket, and it’s less evasive on the skin long term.”

The services offered at BeeQueen for eyebrows are hair stroke, nano brows, 3-D hair stroke, powder, ombré and combo brows (shading and hair stroke) and corrective color work when it’s possible. They offer lip-blushing or full color. For liner, clients can choose from full traditional liners, star dusting, wedges and wing liner, and lash enhancement (which are tiny pixels of color at the base of lashes in between each lash). Heidi is also skilled in paramedical tattooing (3D realistic areola tattooing for clients post mastectomy or surgery) as well as non-laser tattoo removal for permanent makeup and body tattoo. Brow henna, lash lift and tinting, and tooth gems services are also offered on-site.

At BeeQueen Studio, the health and safety of their clients is of the utmost priority. They only use single-service needles and disposable products—nothing is reused. Instruments are cleaned with medical-grade sanitizer, and they only use top-shelf pigments (inks). Heidi currently holds 15 different certifications of training, six of which are advanced training. “We will never take shortcuts or rush through an appointment,” says Heidi. “We are not a ‘one size fits all studio.’ Our applications are as individual as our clientele. We work with our clients’ desires, needs and wants.”

With all the services offered at BeeQueen Studio, Heidi finds PMU, specifically the 3D areola reconstruction, the most rewarding. “It’s more than providing a ‘service’ for me; it’s the big impact it has, to create the feeling of wholeness again, to replace what was lost. Words can’t describe it. It always ends in happy tears,” Heidi says. “I feel so honored by being that person to give that gift. To give someone back brows is a pretty great feeling as well, especially for clients who’ve lost them to medical conditions like trichotillomania, alopecia areata, scars from injury, hormone imbalance or illness such as cancer and thyroid.”

Heidi loves Sandpoint, calling it “a loving, caring and charitable community.” She does her part when it comes to providing charitable donations throughout the year. From donations to school fundraisers and the food bank, to monetary fundraising for the Community Cancer Center and the Sweet Magnolia House for Women, Heidi is glad to be able to give back to the generous community in which she lives and owns a business.

To find out more about BeeQueen Studio, you can reach Heidi at 208.263.9490, visit, or find them on Instagram and Facebook.

BeeQueen Studio

324 South Florence Avenue

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


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