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10 Years Serving Sandpoint

Your Tree Service and Snow Removal Experts

By Jillian Chandler

It was a decade ago, and Sandpoint native Travis Miller was working for the Idaho Transportation Department. His lifelong friend, Chris Owens, who at the time ran a tree service company, was tragically paralyzed in a logging accident. During that same time, Travis’ parents needed a few trees taken down, so he asked Chris if he could borrow his gear to do the job for them. Soon afterward, someone else reached out for Travis’ help, and once again, Travis asked Chris to borrow his gear.

Soon, Travis was turning down tree removal jobs, as he was not properly insured and did not have the right equipment. Chris offered to sell his to Travis, which Travis happily obliged. He got insurance and came up with a business name—Apex Tree Service.

“I climbed 411 trees the first full year, working full time and doing tree work after work and on the weekends,” says Travis. “And it grew from there.”

Ten years, and thousands of trees later, 90 percent of the tree-related services Travis and his team of four provide is hazardous tree removal, while 10 percent is fire reduction; thinning forests out for fire prevention.

“We hardly ever look for work. It always finds us,” affirms Travis. “I would say 90 percent, even more, is all referral and word of mouth.” He says they’ve reached a point that they’re “knocking out” two to three jobs per day, with 30 to 40 jobs lined up.

“I am not going to take credit for the success my business has experienced,” says Travis. “I credit my whole crew. I lead by example, and I am never disrespectful to my guys, and I believe that has helped lead to our success.”

A good work ethic combined with professionalism—both in appearance and on the job—keeps Apex going strong. And when they finish up at a job site, they will leave the site looking as good, if not better, than when they arrived. “I can’t remember the last customer that was unhappy with what we did. We get compliments non-stop with how professional and courteous my men are on the job and the cleanup that we do,” says Travis.

He prides himself in the relationships he has built with his clients over the years. “We treat people as more than just a customer. It’s important to treat people well.”

In addition to their tree services, Apex offers snow removal during the winter months.

Travis has lived in Sandpoint his entire life, leaving for just a short stint back in 2000, but quickly found his way back. “Sandpoint’s home. There is no way I could live anywhere else. This is my roots,” he smiles. “Everything I love in life is here, including my family. And fishing is my biggest passion in life, second to work.”

He often takes his clients, many of whom become friends, out on fishing trips.

“Giving back to the community is really important to me,” affirms Travis. He and his team maintain the Pend Oreille Bay Trail, having done so for the past three years. He gives firewood away for free to people who need it. And this year alone, Travis has proudly donated well over $5,000 to benefit the Sandpoint community, including a $1,000 donation to the wrestling team. “I love being in a financial position to help people and organizations who need it.”

If you are in the need for tree removal or thinning, or are looking for snow removal services, look no further than Apex Tree Service, where Travis and his crew are ready to offer their premier services.

Apex Tree Service & Snow Removal


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