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Uniquely North Idaho

Uniquely North Idaho

For those of us who are blessed to call Sandpoint home, we know just how special it is. And one of the things that makes Sandpoint so unique is the shops that one finds in our community. Eric Blomdahl and Angie Obie own one of those distinctive stores, MeadowBrook Home & Gift.

Celebrating six years at their current location on Cedar Street Bridge and 11 years in Sandpoint, the store is a favorite of locals and tourists, especially this time of year when it undergoes a transformation with an array of Christmas décor.

MeadowBrook officially kicks off the holidays on November 5 with its traditional holiday open house, but Christmas items begin to appear in the store long before then. Visitors to the store come from far and near and there are always inquiries about Christmas decorations no matter what time of year.

The couple originally opened the store with the intent of being a store for locals and, while they have many tourists some of whom visit on a regular basis, the store is known for the work it does to help locals furnish and decorate their homes with everything from candles to furniture.

With a unique inventory and custom ordered items from which to choose, MeadowBrook staff takes pride in being able to provide its customers with interior design consultation services, making sure their client’s home or business is a true reflection of him or her.

In addition, MeadowBrook carries over a dozen furniture lines and makes it a point to ensure as much of their product as possible come from the U.S. Angie shared that she is often intrigued by the back stories of companies as well. For instance, one company they work with does much for its local community and harvests wood locally, a philosophy she and Eric share.

Eric states that they are also conscientious of using products that are environmentally safe, striving when possible for the highest quality of products including foam used in upholstered furniture to the wax and fragrance oils used in candles.

The couple moved to Sandpoint from North Dakota, attracted by the lake, mountains and sense of community. After living and working in the community for awhile, they decided to open a store similar to the one Eric’s mom owned back in the Midwest. But while hers was geared to the community in which she lived in North Dakota, offering Victorian and antique-inspired décor, Eric and Angie made sure that their store was a true reflection of life in North Idaho and allow their customers drive what goes onto the store’s floor.

Keeping their inventory fresh and unique has been instrumental to their success. Rarely will the same piece of furniture go out the door twice.

In a way to provide support to those who have supported them, Eric and Angie enjoy giving back to the community that welcomed them with open arms. They support various organizations in the area with donations, but admit they are especially drawn to Special Olympics, an organization they have become increasingly familiar with through one of their employees who has a special needs child.

In the end, it is all about the relationships they have built that makes what they do so enjoyable.

All one has to do is visit their store and feel the vibe and enthusiasm of the owners and staff and see the quality items they carry. They love what they do and plan to continue transforming spaces for years to come.

MeadowBrook Home & Gift

334 N First Ave #101

Sandpoint, ID 83864


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