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Athletes of the Month: Spencer Thompson & Addison Edwards

Athletes of the Month: Spencer Thompson

Photo by Jason Duchow Photography.


Disciplined preparation. This is a lesson that senior Spencer Thompson said he has learned through his involvement in sports, especially over the course of the last year.

“Prior to this season, I put in a lot of offseason work with Coach Leiss,” said Spencer, who was the MVP for the junior varsity basketball team last year and is captain of the varsity team this year. “I have improved drastically from last year, and I owe that to preparation. It is something that I now apply to everything I do. If I want to improve in something, I know how best to do it.”

Spencer has not only realized success on the basketball court, but in the classroom as well. With a 3.9 GPA, Spencer said he believes maintaining solid grades while in sports is important.

His immediate plans following graduation are to serve a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Following completion of his mission, Spencer hopes to attend the University of Utah or BYU.

“I do not plan on playing sports in college, but I will be a very loud fan on the sidelines with my face painted and singing fight songs,” said Spencer.

He plans to pursue a career in the area of sports and exercise, possibly majoring in exercise science or athletic training.

“Fitness and just being active are very important to me, and it is a lifestyle I want to continue,” said Spencer. “I think careers in those areas will allow me to do that, while also being around competitive sports.”

Athletes of the Month: Addison Edwards

Photo by Jason Duchow Photography.


For senior Addison Edwards, being part of the Sandpoint High School cheerleading squad for the past four years has given her the gift of incredible friendships as well as important life lessons.

“Cheerleading has taught me to never quit if something doesn’t work the first time. Nothing in cheer ever works perfectly the first time, so you have to keep trying until you get it right,” said Addison. “Cheer has definitely taught me perseverance and determination, and those are skills I will need all my life.”

Addison shares that there were times she wanted to give up when the stunts or tumbling became too tough. They are difficult skills to acquire, but she stuck with it and is grateful that she did. “I have learned to keep trying when it gets tough, and in that I have become one of the best bases on my team, and I’m still working on my tumbling,” said Addison.

She plans to go to Boise State in the fall and pursue a career in elementary education.

“I have always loved working with children, and I believe that getting the chance to influence future generations is the best thing I could give to this world,” she said.

As she looks back on her years as a Sandpoint High School cheerleader, she will always treasure the “family” she has made among her cheerleading squad.

“We spend tons of time together bonding outside of practice, games and competition,” said Addison. “When you put your life in the hands of another person, you are bound to bond with them, and that is what my team does every week. This year more than any of my others we are closer than ever.”

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