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Athletes of the Month: Preston Bunty & Danika Tomazich

Athlete of the Month: Preston Bunty

Preston Bunty:

As the senior captain of the Sandpoint wrestling team, Preston Bunty has worked hard and it has definitely paid off. “I am a state qualifier and a junior Idaho team member,” said Preston who also maintains a 3.0 GPA.

His post high school plan is to attend Boise State University where he will pursue a degree in business administration.

Preston shares that one of the biggest challenges he has had in his years of wrestling was starting out as what he said “one of the worst kids on the team.” But through hard work and dedication, he has improved and is now captain.

“The thing I enjoy about wrestling the most is that during a match, you are the only one out there. There is nobody to rely on to be successful except for yourself,” shared Preston.

When asked what one life lesson he has learned from sports, his answer is simple. “Chase your goals and never, ever give up.”

Athlete of the Month: Danika Tomazich

Photo by Jason Duchow Photography.

Danika Tomazich:

A junior at Sandpoint High School, this is Danika’s third season on the Bulldog’s varsity girls’ team where she plays the position of guard. It is a sport she thoroughly enjoys.

“The best part about basketball for me is gaining a strong connection with my teammates,” she said of the bond she shares with her fellow players.

With a 3.7 GPA, Danika works hard on and off the court. She is currently enrolled in the health occupations program which will allow her the opportunity to earn her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) by the end of the school year.

“I have always wanted to pursue a job in the medical field, such as a physical therapist or traveling nurse, because I love helping people,” shared Danika.

While undecided as to what school she would like to attend, she said she will limit her athletics to intramural sports at the collegiate level.

One of the biggest challenges she has faced in basketball was when she was diagnosed with mononucleosis. “I was unable to play for a few months, which affected my ability to gain more experience,” said Danika. “I overcame that by attending as many practices as I could to absorb information without participating.

While sports can teach one many things, Danika said it has taught her what it takes to succeed—hard work and determination.

“Success doesn’t come to you if you sit around and wait for it,” she said.

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