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Capturing Memories

Capturing Memories

Whether it is capturing those unforgettable family moments or marketing your business through visual photographs, Lisa Turner, owner of Lisa Turner Photography in Sandpoint, is making her mark in the local world of photography.

Turner first began her professional photography business in November 2014, and just this January, she opened her studio, located on the corner of Cedar Street and Fifth Avenue next to Foster’s Crossing.

Turner first became interested in photography when she attended high school in Quartz Hill, California, when her journalism teacher noticed her talent.

“He would put me on every assignment he could because he knew he would get quality photos from me,” shared Turner. “I would spend much of my time in the dark room where I learned to roll my own film, develop and print. Most days my hands reeked of developer, but I loved it with a passion.”

She convinced her father to purchase some equipment from a garage sale, and she proceeded to set up a dark room in her closet and covered her bedroom window with tinfoil to keep as much light out as possible. “I don’t know how my parents could stand the smell of chemicals in their home,” said Turner, whose first high-quality camera was a Canon AE1 Program.

With a strong background in administration and a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, Turner worked as a patient advocate and the head of customer service and marketing in a Los Angeles County hospital.

“I understand people and respect people from all backgrounds; from the impoverished undereducated to the white coats with many degrees. The one thing I have learned [is that] people are people—we all want to be treated fairly, and people want you to follow through on your word,” shared Turner. “That is always my goal, and I think it has attributed to much of my success here in Sandpoint. I also love making people laugh and have fun.”

Her work as a photographer covers many areas including marketing and branding for local businesses and as a contributing photographer for Sandpoint Living Local and Northwest Sizzle magazines.

While she has an indoor studio, Turner is available for both indoor and outdoor photo sessions and enjoys playing an integral part in capturing those special moments in life including engagements, small weddings, maternity photos, family photos, senior portraits and conceptual art photography.

Over the years, Turner has evolved with the gift of easing her clients through photo sessions using a passionately fun, yet relaxed, photographic approach resulting in beautiful original portraits.

“I take the time to ask the ‘who, whats and whys’ before I start photographing. I always want to know what the client needs or expects in his or her own mind. I feel like communication and collaboration is key to making magic!”

Turner has a wonderful working relationship with Suzanne LaValley, a local makeup artist who works with Turner to make her clients feel as though they are true models for the day.

“Lisa and I are both passionate about creating a great experience for the client. We love making people feel and look their best, and we have fun doing it,” said LaValley. “And it’s even more fun to watch Lisa in action! She loves what she does.”

What Lisa Turner sees through her camera lens is something she wants to share with everyone. “Beauty is in everyone; my challenge it to photograph it,” said Turner.

Lisa Turner Photography

503 Cedar Street

Sandpoint, ID 83864


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