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Ready to be Pampered?

Ready to be Pampered?

If there is one thing Genee’ Jo Penelerick is familiar with, it’s pampering! Since opening Su Gee’ Skin Care 12 years ago, she has treated a multitude of women and men to customized European facials, corrective facial treatments, spa pedicures, waxing services, Brazilian waxing and natural nail care. But her exposure to her profession began long before that.

“I am a second-generation esthetician, so the knowledge of this field since I was a child has been a big advantage,” explained Genee’. “The name ‘Su Gee’ (sue Jhay) is a combination of my mother’s first name and mine. It’s a way of honoring her for everything she taught me about this beautiful healing industry.”

At Su Gee’ Skin Care, one can also indulge in dermaplaning, RevitaPen facial treatments and eyebrow waxing. “Something new is always around the corner,” said Genee’.

Her quest to provide her clients with the best possible result drives Genee’ to hand select all of the skin and body-care products she uses. They are tested to ensure her guests receive the results they desire. She demos possible future products on her Facebook page, and the truth is revealed. Some are quite humorous!

Always seeking to improve the experience for her clients, Genee’ is certified in every service she offers. Education with proper training is essential. Spa pedicures are provided in a beautiful private room while the guest relaxes in a Zero Gravity chair. Facial treatments and waxing services are provided upstairs in a serene environment. No matter what service one is seeking, the details are taken care of with added touches you would not expect.

“I want my guest to have a wonderful experience and not have to worry about anything. It’s down time for the mind, body and spirit. To be trusted liked that is a great honor.”

While the State of Idaho does not require estheticians to engage in continuing education, Genee’ said her philosophy is that it is vital to stay current on what is available for her clients and what changes are being made in the industry. “Holistic wellness and skin care go hand in hand,” said Genee’. “Much healing can occur during the treatments we offer.”

After moving to Sandpoint in 2003 with her late husband, Genee’ said it did not take long to understand that the change in the weather demands a different approach to skin care. “There are so many advances in skin care, waxing services and products that can help everybody!”

The services Genee’ offers are her specialties. The wax products used contain no polymers (plastics,) and after-care products are all-natural and chemical-free. She is currently bringing in another skincare line designed for extremely sensitive skin, including those who are going through chemo and radiation treatments.

When she’s not helping others on their journey to wellness, Genee’ loves being outdoors. Whether it’s gardening, biking, kayaking, hiking with her dogs, snowshoeing or tribal belly dancing, Genee’ stays active. “Living here inspires me to be outdoors through every season, enjoying paradise!”

Genee’ said she attributes her success to her clients—or her guests—as she prefers to call them. “I dote on them as I would a guest in my home. I have a loyal following, and I am so incredibly grateful! I also got married last August, and my husband Kevin is a huge support, and a great deal of behind-the-scenes work is done by him,” said Genee’.

She is grateful to live in such a wonderful community and said it is one reason she loves giving back by providing discounts to veterans and donating to places such as Panhandle Animal Shelter, Bonner Community Food Bank, the Homeless Task Force and Community Cancer Services.

“This community has taught me that we need each other. It takes a village, and we are always willing to help. There is magic in this town.”

At Su Gee’ you can always find a special that reflects the changing seasons. If you haven’t visited Su Gee’, call today and mention this article, and you will receive 20-percent off a dermaplaning treatment!

Su Gee’ Skin Care LLC

324 S. Florence Ave.

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


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