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Refined Aesthetics Med Spa

Refined Aesthetics Med Spa

There’s a new medical spa opening up in Sandpoint, and owner Bri Williams is bringing her experience and knowledge to offer her patients the best in medical-grade anti-aging treatments and prescription injectables, as well as a medical-grade skincare line.

With a focus to help clients age gracefully and enhance their natural beauty in a safe and subtle way, Bri’s goal is to help patrons feel their most confident selves. At Refined Aesthetics, clients will be provided with multiple services that help reverse and prevent the signs of aging such as Botox, dermal fillers, Kybella treatment (the double chin shot), microneedling, platelet-rich plasma therapy, chemical peels, hair restoration and dermaplaning.

With a nursing background, working in medical/surgical departments and family practice, Bri has a passion for helping others.“I have always been passionate about serving others, and now I have the opportunity to help people feel empowered,” says Bri. “I believe that women supporting other women is empowering for us all. This profession allows me to support other women in looking their best and feeling their most confident, and that brings me a lot of satisfaction.”

Born and raised in Sandpoint, and a fourth-generation native, Bri left the area to attend college, with the intent of returning to Sandpoint. She graduated from Oregon Health Science University in 2007 with a bachelor’s of science in nursing and has since completed countless hours of continuing education, trainings and certifications to advance her career into aesthetics.

The treatments at Refined Aesthetics are centered on providing safe cosmetic services in a conservative way, with the goal of maintaining natural beauty. Along with her medical director, Bri is able to provide effective prescription-grade products and services. Refined Aesthetics is focused on staying up to date with the latest procedures, techniques and treatments so they can continue to offer the best services in the industry.

Bri is excited to begin this new endeavor in her hometown. “I am proud of my community and am thrilled that I get to live and work in such a beautiful town. It is exciting for me to be opening a business in Sandpoint because I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. My grandparents, Pete and Adell Thompson, started the Daily Bee and owned and operated it until they sold it in the ‘80s. My sister, great grandmother, aunt, uncles, cousins … they have all started their own businesses in Sandpoint. I am proud to follow in their footsteps.”

Bri says she has had continued support throughout her endeavor from her family and friends, especially from her husband, Chris, who is also a small-business owner in Sandpoint, owning Liberty Construction. In addition, her twin sister, Brissa Peterson, is also a business owner in town, as she and her husband Dan own Tork Electric. According to Bri, she could not have accomplished this dream without the help of her sister, who has a degree in business and has helped her in getting the business off the ground.

Refined Aesthetics will open its doors in June, and Bri looks forward to serving people in the community and helping them achieve their individual cosmetic goals. “I think that we are all beautiful. I recognize the inherent beauty in all of us, and I want to support women in being their most confident selves.”

Refined Aesthetics Med Spa, PLLC

301 Cedar St. Suite 107

Sandpoint, ID 83864


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