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Athletes of the Month: Alex Stockton & Trinity Golder

Athlete of the Month: Alex Stockton

Alex Stockton:

Participating in high school sports requires one to be able to effectively balance academics and athletics while still finding time for family and friends. For Sandpoint High School junior Alex Stockton, that challenge is year round as he is a three-sport athlete participating in football, basketball and baseball.

“I won two state baseball championships, one in seventh grade and one in eighth grade,” said Alex, who adds he would like to play college football although he is still undecided as to where he will apply.

One thing Alex is certain about is his desire to become a police officer. “I grew up always being interested in that field,” he said.

Being involved in sports continuously throughout the year requires constant training, and when an injury comes your way it can be very challenging, as Alex discovered in eighth grade. “I tore my LCL [lateral collateral ligament] and cracked my tibia,” he said. “I overcame this challenge and was on varsity for all three sports my sophomore year.”

Alex has already been instrumental in scoring for the Bulldog’s basketball team this season and shares that his passion for sports is in large part due to the brotherhood and friendships he has developed with all his teammates over the years. But there is one person who he treasures most. “I love playing alongside my brother and best friend, T.J. Davis,” said Alex.

He credits his football coach, George Yarno, with teaching him one of the most important lessons he has learned through sports: “Coach Yarno told me to always trust your first instinct because there was a reason you felt that way.”

Athlete of the Month: Trinity Golder

Trinity Golder:

Senior Trinity Golder is a dedicated athlete and student who has already achieved great success on the basketball court. She was named to the 3A IML All-League team and the 4A IEL All-League team as well as the All-State team last year. In addition, she has been on the honor roll her entire high school career and takes multiple honors and AP courses.

Looking ahead, Trinity verbally committed to Eastern Washington University and plans to play basketball for them next year as a preferred walk-on. While there, she will pursue a couple of career interests including creative writing and possibly professional training.

“I suffered an ACL injury about six months ago, and it really made me interested in how to prevent injuries through fitness training,” said Trinity, “and I could see myself doing that after college.”

When Trinity tore her ACL and lateral meniscus in May she had to undergo surgery, but she is grateful for the support she received from her family and friends. “My parents took such good care of me after surgery and have given me the resources to heal,” said Trinity.

When asked about what she enjoys most about basketball, she said she loves the competition and making memories with her team while working hard together.

Trinity looks forward to continuing to pursue her passion at EWU next year and will take with her the lessons she has learned along the way.

“One life lesson I have learned is that emotions are only temporary and learning to control them not only makes you a stronger player but a stronger person,” she said, adding that she is also grateful for the opportunity to play basketball. “I now realize there are so many other things that can take you away from something you love, so that’s why it is important to enjoy what you have.”

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