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Athletes of the Month: Sloan Woodward & Chloe Braedt

Sloan Woodward

Sloan Woodward

Senior Sloan Woodward has run track and cross country since he was in seventh grade and currently serves as the captain for both teams. His ability to lead and inspire has had a significant impact on his teammates.

“Sloan is an exceptional leader and captain with an incredible work ethic. He is constantly doing what it takes to be better and to lead his teammates to be better also,” said his coach, Matt Brass. “He is an inspiring leader, helping to make one of the most successful boys’ teams we have ever had.”

Sloan also excels in the classroom where he has an unweighted GPA of 4.0 and is ranked sixth in his class.

In the fall, Sloan plans to attend either the University of Oregon or California Polytechnic State University to study architecture.

“I have a natural aptitude for math and science, but I’m also very drawn to professions that allow for creative expression,” explained Sloan. “Architecture offers an intriguing blend of those two areas. However, while studying in college, I also plan on exploring the possibility of becoming a music producer, because I spend a lot of my time listening to music, and I’ve wanted to make my own throughout high school.”

Although Sloan does not intend to compete at the collegiate level, he said what he has enjoyed about track is the feeling of having “more guts to push harder than my competitors.” As for cross country, it is being part of the family that they create every year and making close friendships with his teammates that he has enjoyed most.

As he goes forward in life, Sloan said he will take with him an important lesson he has learned from participating in track and cross country.

“I’ve learned to look for how each trial fits into a bigger picture, and that things of true value do not come from instant gratification.”

Chloe Braedt

Chloe Braedt

As a captain of both the girls’ cross country and track teams this year, senior Chloe Braedt has certainly experienced success.

“Last season I nearly broke 20 minutes in the 5k race, which is a new personal record for me,” said Chloe, who has also won a prestigious award for her achievements in the Academic Decathlon and is involved in the National Honors Society in addition to being ranked one of the top in her class. And that dedication has not gone unnoticed.

“Chloe has made great improvements each year and is devoted to her team. Positivity and hard work are her trademarks as well as a commitment to her training in and out of season and connecting with her teammates,” said her coach, Angie Brass. “She is a fantastic mentor to our new and younger runners.”

In the fall, Chloe will attend Lewis and Clark College in Portland, where she will focus her studies on sustainability and political science with a goal of one day doing what she can to protect and conserve our resources in a sustainable way through legislation. As she goes forward in her career, Chloe believes that her involvement with track and cross country have given her the qualities it takes to succeed in life.

“Cross country and track require an enormous amount of mental toughness as well as patience. Maintaining my confidence in stressful race situations and striving to be the best leader I can be for my team has been difficult sometimes. But ultimately, these challenges have shaped and transformed me into a stronger, more confident and driven individual,” said Chloe.

She is grateful for her time on track and cross country and says it is the personal relationships she has developed with her teammates that she has enjoyed the most. And as she begins her next chapter in life, she will always remember a lesson that she has learned through her involvement in sports.

“You always have more to give. This truth applies to all aspects of your life: racing, relationships, school, work or daily life.”

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