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Top-Quality Care for the Entire Family

“There are so many aspects to my work that are rewarding on a daily basis,” says Katie Sweeney, board-certified family nurse practitioner and owner of Alpine Family Medicine. “Creating new patient relationships and fostering my long-term patient relationships; getting to know my patients’ families and caring for their family members; seeing my patients obtain the results of their treatments plans—these are the most rewarding.”

Born and raised here in Sandpoint (as were her parents, grandparents and great grandparents), Katie opened the doors of Alpine Family Medicine to the Sandpoint community in August 2017; her office built on her great grandmother and grandfather’s old house site where their garden grew each year.

Since day one of opening her business, Katie has dedicated herself to providing exceptional, affordable care to her patients.

“I was inspired to start Alpine Family Medicine because I found that the volume that was pushing health care was leading to subpar care and short office visit times with long waits,” says Katie. “This was not the type of health care that I believed in and decided to engage in a more productive form of health care where patients left my office feeling heard, feeling cared for, and getting the answers that they sought after with appropriate and timely follow-up.”

Alpine Family Medicine is a fully equipped family practice. The clinic, which accepts all major insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid, welcomes all ages, from children to geriatrics, women and men. Services that are offered include wellness exams for the entire family, work-related and sports physicals, as well as minor in-office surgical procedures. In addition, they provide a full spectrum for women’s health care including all forms of birth control available. They routinely care for acute and chronic illnesses and do their best to meet the needs of patients for same-day appointments. They offer in-house lab processing and are able to order imaging and process referrals to specialists when needed.

“At Alpine Family Medicine, we provide longer office visit times as well as believing in a team approach to health care. We partner with the patients to achieve their health-care goals,” says Katie.

She and her team utilize the most up-to-date research to educate patients regarding their health-care needs while utilizing the approach of “old time medicine” to allow time to listen to patients and hear their concerns. “We believe in not letting patients ‘fall through the health care cracks’ as many patients do in the very busy health-care system that we have today. As a primary care provider, we provide needed referral when appropriate to allow access to specialists when needed. We work with our patients to keep their health-care costs low and provide them with options to assist with keeping their out-of-pocket costs at a minimum.”

Katie attributes the success of Alpine Family Medicine to the Sandpoint community members such as the staff at Bonner General Health and the Bonner General Outpatient Infusion and Wound Clinic, Idaho Pain Clinic, Bonner General Immediate Care, Kootenai Cancer Clinics, Selkirk Fire Rescue & EMS, Sandpoint’s great local pharmacies and many more. “But most of all, our very hardworking staff, Stephanie Wiens and Theresa Porter, here within Alpine Family Medicine, who make each patient feel welcome and cared for.”

If you are looking for a health-care provider whose priority is providing honest, quality care, Alpine Family Medicine is the answer.

Alpine Family Medicine PLLC,

1013 Lake Street, Suite 102

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


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