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Mission accomplished!

Congratulations to the Sandpoint High School Monticola yearbook team! On Wednesday, July 30th, Colton Moore, Taylor Sadewic, Rebekah Nelson, Sophie and Chloe Mikat, along with teacher/advisor Kevin Hutchens, all traveled down to Eastern Washington University to attend and participate in the annual Yearbook Camp.

The goal of this group of Sandpoint High School Monticola Yearbook staff was to represent Sandpoint High School and the 2019-2020 yearbook at the highest level possible. Mission accomplished!

Four out of the five kids who were there were editors of the staff including Colton Moore, multimedia editor; Taylor Sadewic, editor in chief; Rebekah Nelson, copy editor; and Sophie Mikat, organizational editor. Throughout the three days of camp, both students and staff attended classes that were being held on campus and which were geared towards making the best yearbook possible. There were also at least a dozen other schools who attended this event as well.

Along with the classes offered, the camp had some keynote speakers who specialized in certain aspects of yearbook, anywhere from how to get the best interview, to graphic design elements, and even learning how to use programs like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. With time in between classes, the group focused on working on their assigned task of coming up with a theme and demonstrating, through page spreads and design elements, how they would continue the theme throughout the book.

“Sometimes when there weren’t classes running, there was open lab time that we could use to really dig in and work on our theme project. Once, I think Taylor and I stayed up till just past midnight working, even after getting back to our dorm for the night,” said Rebekah Nelson.

As for Sophie Mikat, she is grateful to be part of the team. “Monticola has been one of the best experiences of my life! I chose yearbook my freshman year because I thought it would be fun. We got a couple of months into it and I loved everything about it. The designing, the worknights, the potlucks,” said Sophie. “I’m so excited for this year. I think it will be top-notch.”

At the end of the camp on Friday all the schools and different groups gathered in the big lecture room and put all of their theme projects up on poster boards and set them up for everyone there to see, all the schools walking around and a judge who awarded five special awards.

Not only did the SHS Monticola staff gain some great insight and advice on how to best present their theme in their book, but they were awarded with the “Outstanding Visual Concept” award.

Needless to say, Sandpoint High School’s yearbook for the 2019-20 year is going to be one that sets all others aside and stands out in its representation of the whole student body at the school. Yearbook Advisor Kevin Hutchens left his staff saying, “You guys were awesome this week! I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and how excited I am to work with you guys this year.”

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