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Protecting Your Family and Assets

Protecting Your Family and Assets

In February of 2009, friends Stefanie Nostdahl and Jodie Corless became partners, and owners, of Pend Oreille Insurance Services in Ponderay. More than a decade later, the well-established insurance company continues to provide exceptional service with a personal touch to each client who walks through their doors.

The independent agency sells all lines of insurance—from health and life to business, home and auto insurance—working with different companies to seek out the best insurance policies, with the best rates, for each client. “I think our expectation of customer service makes us unique, setting us apart from other insurance companies,” says Stefanie. “We provide a high level of customer service and always arguing what’s right for our clients.

“We give our clients those options to choose the coverages and premiums that work best for them. We have focused on meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations on what an insurance agency should look like.”

What Stefanie finds most rewarding about the work she does at Pend Oreille Insurance is helping people find solutions to their needs and helping them protect their assets and their passions. For Jodie, she enjoys being able to help people understand that insurance doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. “We break it down to something that is simple and help them understand and see the value of why they need it and guide them in making educated choices.”

In addition to taking care of their clients, Stefanie and Jodie are dedicated to their employees, focusing on their happiness and well-being. Yoga is offered at the office during lunch on Wednesdays; massages are provided twice a month, and they spend time together with their employees outside of the office. “We believe that if they are happy and they love their job, they are going to do great work for us.”

After 10 years in business together, Stefanie says she believes the success they’ve experienced at Pend Oreille Insurance is due to the relationship that she and Jodie have together. “We have the perfect mix of personality and how we do business. We wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else but each other.”

“We’re like ‘ying and yang,’” adds Jodie. We have very different backgrounds and personality types, and that’s what makes it work, as we can help each other to see a different angle. We complement each other and respect each other. Partnerships can be a scary thing, and we are blessed that we made it work.”

They both feel blessed to be able to be a part of this small and giving community. Stefanie sits on the board for Panhandle Alliance for Education and is involved in 101 Women, while Jodie devotes her time to 4-H. Both women are involved with 7B Women as well as various fundraisers for Kinderhaven, Community Cancer Services, Festival of Trees and more.

“We have a really good pulse on what’s happening not only in our community but with our clients. Because Jodie and I are in the trenches, here every day working, we know our clients. And that’s the way we want it,” says Stefanie. If you are seeking a reliable, trustworthy and experienced team to help guide you to finding the best plan for you, your business and family, Jodie and Stefanie are ready to help.

Pend Oreille Insurance Services 476394 Hwy 95 North Suite 101 Ponderay, Idaho 83852 208.263.2169

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