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Blending the Art of Massage, Bodywork and Fitness

Sandpoint couple ready to help you discover your inner momentum

By Jillian Chandler | Photo Courtesy of Momentum Medical Massage & Training

“Opening a business that offered massage therapy and movement was an obvious combination to me,” recalls Kelly Emerson, owner of Momentum Medical Massage and Personal Training in Sandpoint with husband and business partner Ken.

Kelly and Ken have been involved in the fitness industry since 2005 when they opened their first boutique fitness studio in Vancouver, Washington. Outdoor recreation enthusiasts, the couple moved their family to Sandpoint in 2012, where Kelly utilized her skills as a personal trainer at the Sandpoint West Athletic Club (now the Y). A few years later, while training for national Spartan obstacle course races, Kelly found herself struggling with shoulder issues and sought massage therapy as an alternative to the traditional medical route for dealing with her pain. “After several visits, I could not believe the improvement and was hooked on the healing potential that massage could offer,” she recalls. With only a few sessions, her pain had been significantly reduced and her functioning returned to normal. Kelly realized that her clients could also benefit from massage therapy, so in 2016, Kelly attended North Idaho Massage Academy (which has just recently opened in town) and became a licensed massage therapist.

“The rest is history!” she smiles.

With Ken’s experience in business management and Kelly’s love of massage and bodywork, paired with their combined love of fitness, Momentum Medical Massage and Personal Training was born.

“I love movement in any form,” expresses Kelly. “Regular exercise helps to improve self-esteem and has numerous psychological benefits, and I feel that I’m living life to my fullest potential when I can physically use my body and my own power to experience all that I enjoy in life. Work is easier and play is easier when you can move more efficiently.

“It’s my goal to help other people discover the same feeling for themselves,” she adds. “I believe that we need to continue moving our bodies and develop good habits to live our best life.”

Since introducing Momentum to the Sandpoint community in 2019, Kelly has been driven by her own desire to adventure, play and explore the world around her, and she takes immense joy in helping others find that same desire in themselves. “Our bodies were designed to move, to run, jump and manipulate things. Unfortunately, our modern world has made it too easy to sit. The average American now sits for 13 to 15 hours a day!”

The clinic provides both medical (outcome-based) and therapeutic/relaxation massage, with several excellent therapists who offer their own unique styles to the individual. The intimate onsite gym provides memberships for both personal one-on-one training and small group training classes to include indoor spin classes, strength training and circuit. Momentum is one of just a few practices in Sandpoint that accepts health insurance and treats clients who have been involved in motor vehicle collisions and work-related accidents. They work with physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists that will prescribe massage therapy and refer their patients to Momentum. This creates a team effort to help treat a variety of health-related issues, chronic pain, sports injuries, and improve overall general wellness. “We use a variety of techniques and modalities to address specific injuries or problems,” affirms Kelly.

If you are looking to discover your inner momentum, let Kelly and her team at Momentum Medical Massage and Personal Training guide you to your healthiest self.

“It is a blessing, every day, to witness the remarkable human body and mind. It is such a blessing to help someone set and reach a goal or to be able to put my hands on someone and help them relieve pain,” attests Kelly. “It is the human connection that is most rewarding about my work”.

Momentum Medical Massage and Personal Training

1013 Lake St, Suite 100


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