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Congratulations Seniors!

Each of us at Like Media would like to extend our congratulations to the graduating class of 2021. You’ve conquered a senior year that no one could have envisioned, and each of you had the tenacity and commitment to step up to each challenge and achieve your ultimate goal of earning a high school diploma.

While it might not have been the senior year you had envisioned, the unique experience will help you overcome future bumps in the road you will encounter, no matter what your next destination might be. Cherish these special memories, and we hope for nothing but the best for each of you as you prepare for the next chapter of your lives.

Congratulations class of 2021!


Gabrielle Hicks

Chris Koch


Alia Schmitt

Kate Bokowy


Bella Phillips


Camille Neuder

Tag Benefield


Quinn Hooper

Nikolai Braedt


Riley Cessna


Harley Wilks

CeCe Deprez

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