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Drink Up!

Healthy Drinks

Infuse it. Hydration is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and nothing quenches your thirst like a tall glass of water. Whether you prefer cold or room temperature, it’s up to you. But … sometimes water needs a little kick to make it a bit more exciting. With fresh summer produce in abundance, and all of those local farmers markets to shop, be sure to make a point to select some fruits that you can add to your glass and give you a whole new appreciation for that daily staple—water. In addition to the list below, cucumber, ginger and mint will surely up your water-intake game.

A Clean Complexion What you put into your body directly affects your outward appearance. And there's no exception when it comes to water. A hydrated body means hydrated skin, and the most noticeable is your face. Water intake plus a good diet and beauty regimen will ensure your face, and the rest of your skin, look their best.

Hunger Control Water is known to aid in weight control. Dehydration is all too common among Americans, often resulting in hunger pains when in fact the body is in need of water. Make it a habit to start your morning off with a fresh glass of water, making sure to drink several ounces every hour or so, and more an hour or two before a meal, to help curb your appetite.

Brain Power The human brain relies on proper hydration in order to function optimally. Research shows that dehydration can affect one's focus and impair short-term memory function and the recall of long-term memory. Our bodies are constantly losing water. So when you feel like your brain power is struggling, water should be your first go-to solution.

Increased Energy Water has various benefits, from increasing your metabolism to promoting healthy skin. The more water you consume, the better your body will function. As water and energy are intertwined, the next time you're feeling fatigued, reach for that H2O. Your body will thank you, and you’ll feel more energized throughout the day.

Being properly hydrated Water, hydration and health go hand in hand. But how much water should you aim to drink each day? Hydration is a daily necessity, as it ensures every system in the body functions properly. The amount of water one should drink should be individualized and determined based on health conditions, weight, activity level, and more.

Raspberry Rich in anti-aging antioxidants and vitamin C, high in fiber and low in sugar, raspberries are truly one of nature's most delicate, versatile and delicious berries—sweet with a tart undertone. Nutrients offer disease prevention to healthy skin.

Orange Oranges are rich with water (a medium orange provides 4 ounces of water). They are high in vitamin C and supply nutrients such as potassium and folate; a great antioxidant and source of fiber, and helps in collagen production, boosts the immune system and aids in iron absorption.

Lime Loaded with nutrients, limes are known to help boost immunity, aid in iron absorption and promote healthy skin, among others. This sour yet fresh fruit is a great addition to a variety of drinks, especially water.

Lemon This bright, acidic citrus food fruit is high in vitamin C, rich in vitamin A, folate, and other vitamins and minerals. Lemons balance ph levels as well. Enjoy a glass of lemon water to boost your energy, increase immunity and to help fight off infection, cold and flu.

Grapefruit Consuming grapefruit not only is hydrating but increases energy levels, aids in skin rejuvenation, improves eyesight and metabolism, helps build stronger nails and better hair, and is beneficial in many additional ways.

Strawberry Packed full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and K, folate, potassium, manganese and magnesium, strawberries are a summer favorite not only for their beautiful appearance and sweet taste but also for their health benefits.

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