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Heartfelt Horizons

Make-A-Wish Idaho brings hope and joy closer to home through its new regional office

Make-A-Wish Idaho heartfelt horizons

Photo courtesy of Make-A-Wish Idaho


Enveloped in the extraordinary expanse of North Idaho, Make-A-Wish Idaho has planted its roots, bringing hope and joy closer to communities through its new regional office in Post Falls. Michelle John, the North Idaho regional manager, emphasizes the significance of this milestone, highlighting the organization's dedication to accessibility and community engagement. With nearly 30 wishes granted in North Idaho last year, the establishment of a local office fosters stronger connections with wish families, volunteers and supporters, ensuring no eligible child's wish goes unfulfilled. This decision resonates deeply with the ethos of fostering community bonds and providing personalized support to families facing critical illness.

Here in Sandpoint, the spirit of compassion thrives, evidenced by the community's unwavering support for Make-A-Wish Idaho - North Idaho's initiatives. Among the wish children awaiting their moment of magic are Oliver, Riley and Aden, each with dreams as diverse as the landscapes they hope to explore. From Disney adventures to dolphin encounters in Hawaii, their aspirations reflect the resilience and spirit that define wish children. The outpouring of support from the Sandpoint community serves as a testament to the transformative power of unity and empathy, sustaining Make-A-Wish Idaho's endeavors.

As April heralds World Wish Month, the organization invites individuals and businesses to join in raising awareness and support for wish children and their families. Similarly, the inaugural Walk for Wishes North Idaho event on June 1 promises to be a celebration of unity and resilience, with participants walking side by side to support wish children and their families.

The impact of these events transcends mere fundraising tallies, with each contribution serving as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a brighter tomorrow for children battling critical illnesses. Aven's story, finding solace in the companionship of a Golden Retriever puppy named Hope, embodies the essence of Make-A-Wish's mission. Opportunities abound for engagement and support, with volunteering, fundraising events and awareness campaigns all playing vital roles in shaping the dreams of wish children. Michelle reiterates the organization's unwavering commitment to its mission, stating, "We are on a trajectory to grant more wishes than ever before."

With each wish granted, Make-A-Wish Idaho sows the seeds of hope, resilience and joy in the hearts of wish children and their families. Together, the community embarks on a journey of compassion and transformation, ensuring that every child's dream is within reach. In North Idaho's tranquil landscapes, the promise of tomorrow shines bright, fueled by the collective efforts of a community united in granting wishes and spreading joy.

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