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Josh Hissong and HDG Architecture

Updated: Mar 4

Crafting dreams and communities

Josh Hissong HDG Architecture

Photo Courtesy HDG Architecture & Design


By Jillian Chandler

In the face of an economic recession in 2010, Josh Hissong and Armando Hurtado founded HDG Architecture. Over the past 14 years, HDG has undergone a remarkable journey marked by resilience, adaptability and growth. You could say that HDG is now “under adult supervision.”

A native of North Idaho, Josh developed a love for design early on. After managing and owning multiple restaurants as a young adult, he recognized the importance of better hospitality design. Venturing into designing restaurants and commercial kitchens in 2006, he joined forces with architect Armando Hurtado in 2010 to explore the broader realm of architecture.

Now licensed in 10 states across the US, HDG Architecture provides their clients architecture, interior design, branding, and material and furniture procurement. The firm's commitment to authenticity and a unique design-forward mission has led to organic growth and recognition nationally. Committed to better design, HDG works in the commercial, residential, mixed-use and hospitality realm.

As a business owner, Josh fosters an inspiring, fun and positive work environment. His passion for design extends beyond the office, with an annual company trip to Europe and an office environment that is both creative and inspiring. His commitment to both his team and clients remains the driving force behind HDG's success. HDG still looks at projects through the lens of the client as well as the business.

In addition, HDG Architecture has ventured into a new project, Stroom Interiors (, alongside partners Aubrey Plaisance and Cody Hersch, highlighting the firm's commitment to innovation and excellence. Community engagement is a core aspect of Josh's ethos, evident in his podcast "If not now, when?" and his active support for various nonprofits, contributing both monetarily and through time and effort.

HDG Architecture's client relations approach is illustrated through its comprehensive services, including architecture, design, branding, and immersive virtual reality experiences. The firm's dedication to an exceptional customer experience has resulted in lifelong friendships with clients, emphasizing the human connection as a driving force.

Josh underscores HDG's commitment to never selling out, a principle rooted in the firm's origins during challenging economic times. Their client-forward mission ensures a consistent approach, whether working on a $25-million home, a mixed-use building or a small renovation project.Presently, HDG is engaged in over 40 projects, including a 22,000-square-foot personal residence in Sandpoint, overseen by HDG project architect Michael Mannhard and Aubrey Plaisance. The project promises to be (in Josh’s words) “dope AF,” with completion expected over the next 16 months.

Josh Hissong's journey with HDG Architecture is a testament to passion, authenticity, and a commitment to creating remarkable spaces. Through organic growth, community engagement, and an unwavering dedication to their values, HDG continues to design and execute dream homes while positively impacting the communities they serve. Under Josh's leadership, HDG Architecture's evolution reflects not only the success of a business but the realization of dreams and the transformation of communities.

HDG Architecture

230 South Washington Street

Spokane, Washington


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