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“Live Life to the Fullest”

Patient-focused clinic eases the pain

By Jillian Chandler

Serving the Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry communities for more than a decade, Dr. J. Sorin Ispirescu has been changing lives through multi-disciplinary pain management treatments at Idaho Pain Clinic.

Trained at the renowned Center for Pain and Palliative Medicine at UC San Diego, Dr. Ispirescu is a double board-certified physician in both anesthesiology and pain management. After creating a successful practice in Southern California, he and his wife began searching towns across the country for the ideal place to start a family. The couple discovered North Idaho and quickly fell in love with Sandpoint. “We left the big city life to raise a family in this wonderful community,” says Sorin.

“Sandpoint is a wonderful, unique community, filled with so many interesting people from all different backgrounds. There are so many truly talented people that would be very successful in whichever community they would be part of, but thankfully they love Sandpoint and chose to make this their home.”

In December 2010, he opened Idaho Pain Clinic, which specializes in various methods for treatment of pain. Interventional procedures, such as epidurals, steroid injections and radio frequency ablation, are all done at their on-site surgical center. For those with compression fractures of the spine, they can perform kyphoplasty under conscious sedation, restoring height and strength to the vertebrae. “We have in-house physical therapy with state-of-the-art equipment, including the anti-gravity Alter G machine used by most professional sports teams and in Olympic training centers,” says Sorin. In addition, they help manage patients’ pain through pain medications, focusing on non-opioid medications to maximize functionality and minimize negative side effects. Their stem cell therapy and platelet-rich (PRP) therapy can harness the body’s own healing potential to rebuild injured tissues.

Dr. Ispirescu and his team also have a special interest in lifestyle medicine, helping coach many clients to weight loss, smoking cessation, and encouraging patients to make healthier lifestyle choices that add years to their lives, and “more importantly, improve the quality of their life and relationships,” he says.

Along with providing care to their patients, the staff at Idaho Pain Clinic has been a long-time supporter of the arts and Sandpoint Music Conservatory, and classical music education through the Festival at Sandpoint. “We have also been passionate about keeping our children safe in this community and been longtime sponsors of the Long Bridge Swim and their program to offer swim lessons to every child in our community,” says Sorin. He and his team have hosted and supported the Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program, offering hope to those who struggle with depression and anxiety. They have also been supporters of the CHAFE 150 and Sandpoint Area Seniors.

For the last eight years, Dr. Ispirescu has been a radio host on KBFI and KSPT and is excited to share that he has a new website ( and soon a YouTube channel titled Dr. Sorin MD with the goal of educating and equipping patients with the tools they need to lose weight, eat healthfully, and adopt lifestyle practices that maximize their body’s potential for health and wellness.

His life’s work is one Ispirescu finds truly rewarding, having the opportunity to witness the lives of his patients improve. “I feel that is our passion and calling in life, to help those we interact with live life to the fullest,” he affirms.

Through their gentle, compassionate approach, combined with their highly specialized training and treatment modalities, Dr. Ispirescu and his team are making a significant impact in the lives of those they serve.

If you are looking for comprehensive, personalized care provided by a medical team dedicated to providing effective pain management care, now is the time to call Idaho Pain Clinic.

Idaho Pain Clinic

1327 Superior Street

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


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