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Paint Colors

Six swoon-worthy color palettes for your home

By Allison Pollock-Pugh

There’s something about the sun’s direction and intensity as we head into early summer that shines a spotlight on even the slightest hint of drabness. Pair that with the inspiration sparked by the prospect of summer, and you might find yourself staring at a wall of color swatches, considering paint colors.

Updating the paint colors in your home is a relatively quick way to make a huge impact on how your house looks and feels. A couple of coats of paint can hide that gloomy wall color from the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns and turn your space into one that is warm and modern. Updating outdated or weathered exterior paint or adding a bold color to your front door can instantly increase your home’s curb appeal.

The transformation that fresh paint can make is undeniable, but choosing the right colors can be downright dreadful. To help ease that dread, we’ve talked to interior designers and paint color experts at Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams to bring you six color palettes that are sure to revive your home’s color vibe.

Earthy and Grounded

When it comes to Earth tones, gone are the days of dull browns and brassy beiges. Shades like Benjamin Moore’s Baked Terracotta (#1202) in the dining room or on lower kitchen cabinets add color while exuding a feeling of warmth and groundedness. A neutral beige like Manchester Tan (HC-81) as a flow color ties in the terracotta with an emerald sage such as Peale Green (HC-121) in the office. Finish this palette with Sherwin Williams’ White Flour (SW7102) trim and an accent color, such as Warm Brownie (2101-30) for a cohesive whole-house color palette.

Modern Minimalist

Minimalist styles begin on a neutral foundation, but they’re not limited to shades of white. Natural hues found in wood and stone are a great place to start when considering minimalist colors for the interior or exterior of your home. A neutral base color, such as Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl (2137-60) with White Dove (OC-17) trim, allows you to easily incorporate other pops of color. Add Hale Navy (HC -154) for the kitchen island or monochromatic office and Chelsea Gray (HC-168) for powder room cabinets or to coordinate with brick on your exterior.

Warm and Inviting

Traditional colors representing warmth are dark, saturated hues in the red, orange, gold or brown family, but the deepest shades of cool colors can be very comforting. Entryway walls painted with Benjamin Moore’s Yellowstone (HC-10) with Cotton Balls (OC-122) wainscoting invites people in. Adding America’s Heartland (#197) as a flow color extends the warmth from the entry and ties in Nightshade (2116-10) on the kitchen island. Racoon Hollow (#978) in the bathroom or office pulls the interior look together but is also a versatile exterior color option.

Vibrant and Lively

After several years of cool color trends, vibrant colors are making a big comeback. Benjamin Moore’s 2023 color of the year, Raspberry Blush (2008-30), is a bold statement color that energizes a room or front door. Include other rich colors like their Wenge (AF-180) for a moody bathroom or exterior accent color and North Sea Green (2053-30) in the formal dining room for a more balanced feeling. Coupling Stone Harbor (2111-50) for the flow walls or main exterior paint and White Heron (OC-57) for trim helps highlight the vibrant colors without making them seem overwhelming.

Calm and Relaxing

Hues of green can reduce anxiety, invite harmony and bring the serenity of nature indoors. A fresh green/blue/gray shade like Benjamin Moore’s Hollingsworth Green (HC-141) on lower kitchen cabinets radiates relaxation while adding a deep green like Sherwin Williams’ Billiard Green (SW 0016) in the office or powder room is reminiscent of a peaceful rainforest retreat. Warm white colors like Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee (OC-45) on the walls and crisp white Chantilly Lace (OC-65) on the trim paired with soft charcoal Wrought Iron (2124-10) accents complement the interior green shades and highlight the colors of nature when used on the exterior.

Classic and Timeless

Finding a color palette that can transcend time and bringing in color with furniture, art or wallpaper is always in style. Sherwin Williams’ neutral greige shades like Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) for walls or cabinets and Pure White (SW 7005) on trim are versatile options that coordinate well with warm or cool tones. A monochrome design in Dovetail (SW 7018) for the dining or powder room adds elegance, while a chameleon hue, like Seasalt (SW 6204), adds depth by appearing to change color depending on the light. Finish this palette with Iron Ore (SW 7069) interior accents or as a dramatic exterior color.

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