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Show Your Love for Creations

You've had a great 10 years at Creations, let's make the next 10 years even better!

Creations Fundraiser

Creations fundraiser has begun! The fundraiser launched on November 1 and will be going until the goal of $25,000 has been met. And for anyone who donates over $100, an awesome artsy moose T-shirt is available!

Your donations will support:

  • Art supplies to keep the art studio shelves stocked

  • STEM activities for discovery play area

  • Art studio renovation: new flooring, art sink, countertops, lighting

  • New flooring down in the community space so Creations can expand art and STEM classes

  • The AmeriCorps art instructor position at Creations

Creations’ mission is to promote the arts, creativity, discovery, and STEAM learning.

Creations provides our North Idaho community with so much:

  • Positive family experiences (parent/child bonding, even parents and teens!)

  • Children discover they enjoy art

  • Creations is open 7 days a week, all year. That's a lot of creativity!

  • Through art, children learn important life skills like planning a project, problem-solving, adapting to challenges, working with others

  • No screens

  • Importantly, Creations is a weatherproof space that can be enjoyed by children and families year-round, even during cold, snowy Idaho winters and hot, smokey summers.

  • Creations fills an important need in our community for art and creative-skills building because, due to budget cuts and shifting priorities, most public schools in North Idaho have limited or no educational art classes.

  • Creations had over 15,000 youth art visits to the art studio during their most recently completed program year 2021-22. That includes drop-in art, youth holiday art workshops, educational art classes, and group art visits to Creations.

Donations can be made online at

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