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Student in the Spotlight

By Joshua Nishimoto | Photo by Jason Duchow Photography

Student in the Spotlight Sandpoint

Evan Dickinson, Senior Sandpoint High School

As three-time All-League center-back and captain for Sandpoint High School’s boys’ soccer team, Evan Dickinson knows what it’s like to show leadership under pressure.

“One of the biggest struggles I had in my high school soccer career was figuring out how to lead a team effectively,” Evan said. “During my sophomore year, I had little clue as to how I could handle the responsibility of being a captain. My teammates seldom heard me, unlike other captains on the team. I felt less like a role model and more like an underclassman.

After many talks with his coaches, and some time to mature, he started using his voice. By the summer of his junior year, he started leading summer workouts. Through leading these workouts, Evan received mutual respect from his teammates and coaches.

“I always make sure to hold both my teammates and me to a higher standard,” Evan added. “I do my best to set the standard and support everyone through positivity.” With newfound respect, Evan continues his passion for the game, something that he would like to bring to his future career.

“Currently, I am interested in pursuing sports management,” he said. “I have always surrounded myself with sports, whether it is playing, observing or coaching. Sports have always been my passion. Why not get paid for it?”

For Evan, soccer is more than a game. It’s a mindset. It’s a way of life, and part of that life is giving all he has for his team and living with the outcome.

“I love the mentality that is required to play the game at a high level,” he said. “As many of the greats have said, soccer is 90 percent mental and 10 percent skill. Your mind needs to always be one step ahead of the competition, like a game of chess. The entire 80 minutes is a constant battle of possession, and it is very important to be mentally checked in for the entire game. One mental lapse could be the difference between a win or a loss.”

When it comes to leadership and being smart about the game, Evan has learned that it’s about building relationships and continuing to keep both himself and his team accountable.

“It’s about respect and trust,” he said. “It’s crucial that the team trusts each other. Trust is built both on and off the field.”

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