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Student in the Spotlight

By Christian Weaner

Will Clark, Junior

Sandpoint Student in Spotlight

Will Clark may be known as the host of Cedar Post’s weekly radio show, CP@3, but those who really know him recognize that Will has a wide range of talents.

Aside from hosting CP@3, Will—a Sandpoint High School junior who was selected as the September Student of the Month—also co-captains Sandpoint’s Academic Decathlon team, drums for the school’s symphonic and jazz bands, and takes a full load of AP and upper-level courses.

For Will, the variety of classes and activities that he can participate in is one of his favorite parts of being a student at SHS.

“No school is perfect, and I’m not going to tell you that Sandpoint High School is, because no school is,” Will explained. “But I do like that I am able to do all of these things, and I still feel like I am not giving much up to do that.”

Will is the third of four siblings. He was born in France, where he lived the first five years of his life before moving to Sandpoint in 2011 when his mother found a job at Schweitzer.

Having traveled a lot in his 16 years of life, Will said he has come to appreciate the slow pace of life that Sandpoint provides.

“Places like New York (City) are so cool, but there is also just so much going on,” Will described. “In Sandpoint, it’s relaxed. I feel very at home.”

As for his radio show, Will explained that becoming the host of CP@3 was something that sort of fell into his lap at the end of his freshman year when Connor Bird, a friend of his older sister and Cedar Post editor in chief at the time, was searching for someone to take over the position.

“He couldn’t find anyone, and I caught wind of it, and I was like, ‘Hey, that sounds awesome,’” Will recalled. “I gravitated toward it, and so I talked to him about it.”

Although the weekly deadline to record, edit and turn in the pre-recorded show can be stressful, Will acknowledged that turning on the radio to hear his voice and listen to the songs he curated is very rewarding.

“It’s such a unique opportunity,” he added. “How many kids at Sandpoint High School get to do this? None. I am the only one right now until I finish.”

You can tune in to CP@3 each week on 88.5 FM KRFY Thursdays at 3pm or listen to a podcast version at

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