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Student in the Spotlight

By Christian Weaner

Kacey Mare, Junior

SHS Student in the Spotlight Kacey

Kacey Mare's perspective on art changed forever during her freshman year at Sandpoint High School (SHS).

Without much thought, she had created a portrait for her Art 1 class. After looking at Kacey's creation, her teacher began describing the emotions she felt were displayed in the artwork, which perfectly described Kacey's actual feelings at the time.

"At that moment, I truly felt that art can express feelings which we can’t exactly put into words, or we may not be aware of having, and that fascinated me," Kacey recalled. "I wanted to use my knowledge to connect with others in the world who may share the same thoughts as I do, just through a piece of art and without the barrier of a language."

Now a junior at SHS, Kacey was recently recognized as the Art Student of the Month. Over the last several years, art has become not only a creative outlet for Kacey but a true passion and skill, giving her an opportunity to step out of her comfort zone, self-reflect and connect with those around her.

According to Kacey, another influential moment during her freshman year that has helped to define her high school experience was when she decided to try out for the girls’ basketball team.

"It was something I’d wanted to do since my elementary days, and I finally got the courage to play for my school," Kacey explained. "Even if it was for a short time, I gained more confidence and met people who supported me through it all."

As Kacey challenged herself athletically, she also began experimenting with a variety of art projects for the first time. A few of her favorite pieces include a close-up drawing of a bicycle she made using India ink and a fountain pen, a portrait engraved on a scratchboard, a panel from a Manga that she carved into plexiglass for printmaking, and a ramen bowl she created in pottery class.

As Kacey has gotten plugged in with activities and art classes at SHS, her inner fears have slowly subsided, and she has been able to express herself more fully and connect with other students she might not have otherwise befriended.

"I feel like I’ve broadened my views toward the people around me, school, and just life in general by interacting with countless people in the past two years at SHS," Kacey said. "I was very reluctant about putting myself out into the world, but I’ve now grown more comfortable with doing so and with openly expressing myself."

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