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Student in the Spotlight

Ida Gaddess from Sandpoint Middle School

Photo by Fiona Hicks


By Christian Weaner

Ida Gaddess, Eighth Grade

Sandpoint Middle School

Ida Gaddess is only in eighth grade at Sandpoint Middle School (SMS) but her list of activities, accomplishments and future aspirations are quite remarkable.

In addition to babysitting and completing her homework, Ida plays in the concert and jazz bands at SMS, takes music lessons and performs in the contemporary rock ensemble at The Music Conservatory of Sandpoint, participates on the youth board at the Bonner County Historical Society & Museum, competes in softball in the spring and is currently learning three different languages using Duolingo.

While she enjoys all these activities to lesser or greater degrees, one stands out above the rest.“Jazz band is the highlight of my day — always,” Ida noted.

Ida considers herself to be a people person. She loves talking with others — especially those older and wiser — to get to know them and learn new things. “I always want to learn and gain knowledge,” she added.

“I have met nearly everyone in my grade and would consider most of them my friends,” Ida explained. “Seeing people throughout my day is really the best part of school. I love all my teachers and staff and have good conversations with them too.”

Musically, Ida has many talents. She plays the electric standup bass, bass guitar, piano and a little bit of electric six-string guitar.

Ida also loves drawing and writing in her free time. She often completes artistic projects for the museum and enjoys drawing portraits and writing short stories and poems by hand. Sometimes she even sews, making and altering some of her own clothing.

While she has a few years to figure out the specifics, Ida knows that music — and possibly math — are two things she hopes to pursue after high school.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to play music always,” Ida said of her future plans. “I really enjoy math and want to possibly choose a career based off of that.”

Right now, however, Ida is enjoying the people and opportunities that are afforded to her here in Sandpoint.

“It’s so great to live in a relatively small town and community [and] to see people you know downtown or at local events,” Ida added.

Whatever her future holds, Ida’s passion for learning and prowess in just about everything she sets her mind to should serve her well in all of her endeavors.

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