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Student in the Spotlight - Keane Haesle

Student Spotlight
Photo By Kasten Grimm

By Christian Weaner

Sandpoint High School

As the sun sets on his high school journey, Sandpoint High School (SHS) senior Keane Haesle reflects on a legacy marked by intellectual curiosity, community service and athletic determination. With a robust resume of activities and accolades, Keane's high school career is as vibrant and varied as the landscape of Sandpoint itself.

Keane’s extracurriculars include competing in Academic Decathlon (AcaDeca), volunteering at Bonner General Hospital, participating in cross country and track, taking part in the National Honor Society and Math Club, and playing in the Jazz Band.

Keane’s academic and extracurricular prowess is underscored by his extensive list of honors, including being a National Merit Scholar finalist, an AcaDeca national bronze medalist, and earning the North Idaho Student Award Recognition (NISTAR) and National Small Town and Rural Recognition.

"These accomplishments mean to me that concentrated effort and sacrifice will lead you on a path to results," Keane reflected.

Among his high school highlights, placing third at the AcaDeca national competition stands out. "We felt a little out of place amongst schools from California, Alaska, Wisconsin, etc., but in the end, we competed well, and we had a lot of fun too," he recalled.

Describing his transformation during his years at SHS, Keane likened his freshman self to a lump of Play-Doh, yet to find his form."As I progressed in high school, I joined groups whose core tenets were traits that I admired," Keane explained.

"I joined Jazz Band for the passion, AcaDeca for the intellectual vivacity, cross country for the work ethic and volunteered at the hospital for the morality."

Keane continued, "These programs have influenced me in that they provided outlets for these traits to be encouraged, rather than potentially stigmatized. All in all, I owe a lot of my personal development to my coaches, mentors and teammates in these extracurriculars."

Outside the classroom, Keane enjoys an active lifestyle that complements his academic pursuits.

"I love to read, play beach volleyball, mountain bike, play board games and listen to music," he noted.

Looking ahead, Keane is excited to begin a new chapter at Stanford University, where he will study bioengineering on a path to the medical field.

"Stanford stole my heart when I toured there my junior year," Keane explained.

“I didn’t think it was possible for me to go there at the time, and when I got my acceptance in December, I legitimately didn’t believe it for a good two weeks.”

Reflecting on his upbringing in Sandpoint, Keane expressed a deep appreciation for the community’s dedication to enhancing the town's quality of life and the natural beauty that surrounds it.

"I love the community because a lot of individuals in the town feel they have a personal stake in the town’s success," he stated.

With his roots firmly planted in the values learned in Sandpoint, Keane looks forward to the endless possibilities that await him at Stanford and beyond, carrying forward the lessons and experiences from his formative years.

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