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Teacher in the Spotlight

Camille Fuller


By Christian Weaner

Camille Fuller, Fifth Grade Northside Elementary School

Camille Fuller and her family moved to Sandpoint in 1992. She attended Sandpoint Middle School, graduated from Sandpoint High School, and today she is a fifth-grade teacher at Northside Elementary School.

“Because I grew up here, I can appreciate the special qualities of a small town and how tight knit our community is,” Camille explained. “I also love working beside and having the students of past classmates.”

Camille has been a general education teacher in the school district for five years and worked as a substitute teacher, paraprofessional and Head Start teacher before that — but her passion for education began back when she was a student herself.

“I've always known I wanted to work with kids, even from when I was in elementary school myself,” Camille recalled.

When she was in high school, Camille participated in a career study program, volunteering in a first-grade classroom at Washington Elementary.

“That sealed the deal for me, and I intentionally chose a college with a reputable teacher education program at Western Washington University,” Camille reflected.

As a fifth-grade teacher, Camille enjoys working with students who can work independently and begin showing their confidence to share ideas and collaborate with others.

“Fifth grade is a huge transition into getting ready for middle school and in that tween age, so kids are really starting to define themselves and discover who they are as important members of our community,” Camille noted. “I get to witness them transition into big kids and the leaders of our school!”

One mentor who inspired Camille as an educator was Kootenai Elementary principal, Mrs. Kelli Knowles, who instilled the power of building relationships and connecting well with students.

“I would get really overwhelmed getting to know new curriculum and grade levels as I was shuffled around, and she would remind me that just by making the connections that I was with my students, that I was doing my job and doing it well,” Camille remembered.

Outside of school, Camille is an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast. She appreciates spending time with family outdoors — whether that is skiing in the winter, camping and boating in the summer, or fly fishing with her husband, Calvin.

Camille and Calvin will celebrate 20 years of marriage in September, and they have two teenage boys — both of whom attended Northside themselves.

Surrounded by caring and engaged teachers and staff at school and lots of friends and family in the community, Camille feels blessed to call Sandpoint her home and to give back to the town and school that has given so much to her.

“Where we live is obviously beautiful,” she concluded. “But it's the way that our community takes care of each other that makes it the best place to call home.”

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