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Trinity at City Beach

Updated: Jul 2

Trinity at City Beach

Now open for summer service and stunning views

By Jillian Chandler

To much excitement and anticipation from the community, Trinity at City Beach reopened June 7 and will remain open during the summer months, with their last day of service Monday, September 2.

“I have looked forward to seeing all of our customers, both local and those that visit our community,” shares Justin Dick, owner. “We had such an abrupt closure back in November of 2023, many of the community were not able to join us before we closed for the season.”

The thoughtfully designed summer menu features many classics as well as local favorites, like the Pulled Pork Enchiladas, Corn & Crawfish Chowder, Pecan Chicken Salad, and the Grilled Caesar Salad. To complement the food, the cocktail, beer and wine lists highlight local and regional favorites, as well as many new flavors for the summer. “We were happy to bring back the Bacon Bloody Mary and Sandpoint Huckleberry Lemonade, and a couple of fresh additions like the Sun Buzzed (Aperol, St. Germaine, Prosecco, soda and orange), and the Garden Patch (Makers Mark, strawberry, mint, and Ginger Beer),” Justin notes.

With the reopening of Trinity, Justin has taken all of his kitchen staff from his restaurant 113 Main to staff the restaurant for the summer, but he reminds everyone that 113 is still operating as a pop-up bar called the Diamond. “We have a new handcrafted cocktail menu, wine list and beers for you to enjoy with a speakeasy fare, as well as a huge selection of hard-to-find whiskies,” he says. To accompany the libations, choose from a charcuterie board or hummus plate to snack on.

Justin takes pride in his kitchen staff, who he says work incredibly hard to use the highest quality products to make guests’ favorite entrees consistently! “They work day and night, in the heat, with run-down equipment, and make the most of every shift. We couldn’t do it without the guys and gals of our kitchen working as hard as they do!” he affirms.

When it comes to the front of the house, Justin can rest assured that the veteran staff knows how to deal with the craziness of the summer volume, work under pressure, and take the new employees under their wings. “They set the standard of expectation for any new staff member and do their best to teach them how to do the same,” he adds.

At the end of the day, when the last guests have left, Justin reflects on what he finds most rewarding. “I love the challenge of it all. My favorite days are when everyone is communicating, working as a team and making memorable experiences for everyone in the building.”

As of now, the future is still unknown for Trinity at City Beach. Only time will tell, as the building owners are receiving guidance from the community and the city on how their design will shake out. “We hope they offer us the chance to stay, but we’ll make do however it turns out,” Justin explains. “We have built something special in this town with the help of this community and can continue to do so at City Beach or somewhere else.”

Trinity at City Beach is open 11am to 9pm Thursday through Monday; closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Don’t miss your chance to sit back and relax over a wonderful meal, paired with exceptional service, overlooking Lake Pend Oreille.

Trinity at City Beach

58 Bridge Street

Sandpoint, ID


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