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30 years serving North Idaho

By Jillian Chandler

2020 marks 30 years in business for Lumber Marketing Services, but his lumber experience goes back almost 50 years when he began unloading railcars of lumber by hand in St. Paul, Minnesota, for a large wholesale lumber company his family owned. Now, Lumber Marketing Services, founded by Jamie Emmer in 1990, is an international wholesale and retail lumber distribution company, which specializes in siding, paneling and decking. Up until he began LMS, Jamie had been mainly selling wholesale wood around the world—10 years ago, his largest customer was in Beirut, Lebanon! There have always been some local sales in the past, but nothing like the last few years. “Since I chose to live here, serving the local market just happened, but was never the target,” he says.

Jamie grew up in the lumber industry and is third generation in the field—continuing the tradition and craft set before him. Sought after for his extensive knowledge and experience, he credits hard work and God’s blessing to the success Lumber Marketing has seen over the years.

Forty years ago, Jamie came to North Idaho for the recreational possibilities that flourished here, as so many people before and after him have. A husband, and father to four daughters, he developed Lumber Marketing Services on the foundation of building relationships and continually exceeding customers’ expectations. “We are committed to providing an unmatched level of quality, service and price to our valued customers,” Jamie affirms.

Earlier this year, his daughter Madeline joined the LMS team, and he couldn’t be more excited—or proud. Graduating from Montana State University with high honors, Madeline went on to pursue a career as a dental hygienist, but it was not something she was passionate about. “After some convincing on my part, she left dental hygienist school and began working at LMS early in the year and has since taken over the payables and receivables, payroll, website and social media, as well as all pre-accountant bookkeeping. Then somewhat unexpectedly, she initiated creating a new customer base and has developed some new high value customers on her own!”

At Lumber Marketing Services, they assist builders, contractors and retail lumber yards in obtaining specialty lumber products and building materials at competitive prices. Lumber Marketing offers mill-direct lumber sales, wholesale lumber sales, smaller specialty orders on a custom basis, as well as custom millwork and framing packages.

“Our business is unique in that our supply contacts are mainly mill direct, whereas other yards in the area mostly buy from co-op buying groups and wholesale distributors,” says Jamie. “When I began wholesale brokering for the family firm in 1977, selling carloads to large national lumber wholesale distribution yards was all we did, same for my father and grandfather going back to 1910. My first sale was selling a block of carloads of Boise Cascade plywood to a Boise Cascade distribution center. That’s how good our buyers were.”

In addition to the knowledge and superior services they provide, you will find a company that is attentive to their clientele and their individual needs, providing personal service to each client they serve.

With an appreciation for the local community paired with a generous heart, Jamie has given much of his time and talent back to the place he calls home. He has served on the board of the Hope Christian Council for 20 years; has been an elder at Cedar Hills church for the past 14 years; and has volunteered counseling with at-risk teenage girls for 15 years.

Jamie is proud to have been able to serve the community with his own company since 1990 and looks forward to another 30 years doing what he loves, sharing his passion and commitment, while Madeline is honored to be the fourth generation to help in continuing the legacy her family has built.

If you are in the market for real wood siding, decking, paneling, flooring and timber, discover what Jamie and Madeline at Lumber Marketing can do for you by visiting or calling 208.661.0782. Jamie is ready to put his experience to work for you!

Lumber Marketing Services

PO Box 357

Hope, Idaho 83836


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