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Webinar: Canadian Coal Pollution in the Elk/Kootenai Watershed

January 31, 3pm

Explore the challenges facing the Elk/Kootenai Watershed in the Idaho Conservation League's upcoming webinar on Canadian coal pollution. Coal mining by mountaintop removal is causing high levels of nitrates and toxic selenium to pollute the watershed. This jeopardizes water quality as well as poses threats to aquatic life and presents a potential hazard to human health.

Tribes, First Nations, and environmental advocates have expressed urgency for meaningful, collaborative action to protect the watershed’s health for future generations.

Presenters will include:

Genny Hoyle, Kootenai Tribe of Idaho Environmental Director

Shawn Young, Kootenai Tribe of Idaho Fish and Wildlife Director

Erin Sexton, senior scientist with the University of Montana

USGS WY-MT Water Science Center Staff

Jennifer Ekstrom, Idaho Conservation League North Idaho Waters Associate

Derf Johnson, Montana Environmental Information Center Deputy Director

Join Idaho Conservation League for this discussion as they examine the challenges, advocate for environmental justice, and call for cross-border action to safeguard the Elk/Kootenai Watershed. Your participation can raise awareness and foster collaboration for a sustainable and thriving future.

This event will take place via Zoom on January 31 at 4pm MT/ 3pm PT.

Registration is required. Please click here to register.

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