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Choosing the Right Insurance Plan Can be Overwhelming

Choosing the Right Insurance Plan Can be Overwhelming

Serving the Sandpoint community since 2009, Carey Ann Spears, owner of Spears Insurance, an independent Idaho insurance agency, has dedicated her time working with locals to determine the best insurance policy for them and their families. Now located inside the Bonner Mall and offering a second location in Coeur d’Alene, those looking for affordable and reliable insurance or looking to change or update their policies, Carey is ready to guide you to the right choice.

Spears Insurance offers health and life insurance products including vision, dental and travel insurance for individual, family and employer groups.

What sets Carey and Spears Insurance apart from other agencies is her focus on Medicare. She offers workshops throughout the year to help people better understand when to notify Social Security that they are becoming eligible for Medicare while explaining the “what” and “how” of Medicare coverage, enrollment periods, late enrollment penalties and more.

“I want people to be able to make the best-educated decision regarding their health insurance as they move through life from being an individual to a family and into retirement,” she says.

Spears Insurance

Carey finds the career path she has chosen to be extremely rewarding, from helping clients understand health insurance in general, the unique differences in eligibility for ACA health plans and the transition to Medicare. “Many people make the mistake of never reviewing their policy. Because it worked really well one year doesn’t necessarily mean that it will the next,” says Carey. “I enjoy just helping people find resources that will help them.”

When it comes to the success of her business, Carey credits it to a variety of factors including self-determination. “I’ve been told many times that I couldn’t accomplish something. It just gave me more energy to prove that I could,” she states. “I’ve had a few special people in my life as well who have taken me under their wing and mentored me. Having a plan on what I think and know I have to accomplish and learning to leave the anxiety in God’s hands [has also helped lead me to where I am today].”

When not in the office, Carey makes time to volunteer in the community whenever she is able to, supporting the North Idaho Federated Republican Women, Community Cancer Care Services and Sandpoint Area Seniors, Inc. She also belongs to the North Idaho Association of Health Underwriters, which supports several projects throughout the year for local charities.

If you would like to request a free consultation, you can reach Carey by calling 208.265.2026.

Spears Insurance

300 Bonner Mall Way, Suite 48

Ponderay, Idaho 83852

208.265.2026 (office) | 208.610.8096 (cell)

What you need to know:

Medicare releases all the information about the 2019 Medicare Health Plans and Part D Prescription Plans on October 1, but applications can only be accepted for anyone making changes to their current plans during The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period or AEP, which runs from October 15 to December 7 each year. There will be an added enrollment period for Medicare Beneficiaries. Between January 1 and March 31 each year, if you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, you can leave your plan and return to Original Medicare and buy a Part D Prescription Drug Plan to supplement your Original Medicare. Starting in 2019, you also have the option to switch to a different Medicare Advantage Plan once during this time.

November 1 starts the Annual Enrollment Period for the Affordable Healthcare Plans. This runs through December 15. “It’s important for people to understand that the Advanced Premium Tax Credit will continue to be available for people that are income eligible,” says Carey. “Even though there will be no penalty for not having a qualified health plan, the APTC makes it possible to have health insurance, which still gives you access to primary care, preventive care and hospitalization.”

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