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Leading The Way In Superior Communications Services

Founded in 1981, Northland Communications has been providing area residents a variety of communications services for more than 38 years! With a mission to provide advanced integrated communication networks that offer a broad selection of first-class services, Northland Communications enables the communities they serve to be competitive with the larger urban areas. And thanks to an acquisition by GTCR in October 2018, Northland Communications secured more than $50 million to upgrade their infrastructure, including the ability to bring 1G residential internet service to the Sandpoint area.

The world today is driven by the internet, and everyone from business customers to residential customers desire, and require, faster speeds and more reliable connections to the internet. This inspires Bala Bishop, regional sales manager for Northland Communications, and his team to work hard each and every day serving their customers and connecting them to the internet with their cutting-edge technology. “It is exciting and inspiring to work in this ever-changing and evolving industry,” he says.

“Our vision is to be the recognized communications leader in our communities by providing superior services that are reliable and tailored to the customer.”

The company provides crisp digital television with true high definition, blazing fast high-speed internet and unmatched digital phone services. Supported by a cutting-edge network control center, they work diligently to provide superior technical support and local customer care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“We maintain local customer service offices staffed with well-trained employees in an effort to provide convenient, personal service, staying in touch with customer needs in a world of ever-growing technical complexities,” affirms Bala. “We constantly strive to deliver operational excellence.”

Built on a team comprised of superior customer sales representatives and highly trained field service technicians, these individuals are friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to delivering five-star service to their customers and community. “These Individuals, in conjunction with our CEO Phil Spencer’s vision for our company and his hands-on approach, is the leading light of our success,” Bala says.

Northland Communications continually invests in their networks, implementing advanced technology to provide a broad selection of world-class communications services to the areas they serve. “We diligently cooperate with schools, local government, businesses and other institutions to interconnect and develop an infrastructure which ensures the growth and well-being of the community,” states Bala. “Our employees actively participate in local organizations which promote growth and development of the community.”

Northland supports a wide variety of community nonprofits: They are sponsors of the Chafe 150 and actively volunteer in this annual event; internet provider for the Osprey Cam of Sandpoint; involved in the Rotary Club of Sandpoint and the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce; and actively support Food for our Children and a multitude of other community events and partnerships.

When it comes to what Bala finds most fulfilling about being a part of the Northwest Communications team, he says, “It is incredibly rewarding to watch our customers’ eyes light up when they have a new connection installed or when we upgrade our customers to our newly launched 1 Gig speeds. Serving our customers with our crystal-clear phone services and high-speed internet creates such a positive impact that is incredibly rewarding.”

Northland Communications 509 North 5th Avenue Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 208.263.4070

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