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Building Healthier, Happier Communities

Sandpoint’s Heart Bowls dishes up unique and delicious plant-based foods … with a smile

By Jillian Chandler

Heart Bowls Sandpoint Idaho

Born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho, Katie Adams’ love for this community runs deep. After graduating from Sandpoint High School, she found herself eager to attend an out-of-state university and travel the world “for life inspiration.” After college, Katie volunteered internationally for three years, living on a ship and sailing to Antarctica to protect endangered whales.

“It was during this period of my life that I also learned the ins and outs of plant-based cuisine from top-level chefs and cooks, and ultimately fell in love with plant-based foods,” she remembers. It was during these adventures that she also fell in love with her now husband Gwen Le Tutour.

The couple would make the move to Sandpoint in 2016; Katie inspired to show Gwen all of the amazing wonders this area has to offer. “It didn’t take us long to fall in love with life in Sandpoint,” Katie recalls. “As trail runners, we are in paradise.”

But something was missing for Katie—one big piece of the “perfect life” puzzle—a vibrant café that makes eating healthy plant-based foods fun and exciting. “I was imagining one like all the many I had frequented while traveling the world, and nothing in Sandpoint was hitting the mark, so I decided I would create it!”

During her travels, Katie was exposed to many different, beautiful plant-based cafés, all of which inspired the design and vibe of what Heart Bowls has become.

Katie initially introduced Heart Bowls to the community in July of 2019 as a food truck. Less than three years later, in June 2022, Heart Bowls would settle into its brick-and-mortar café on First Avenue and Pine Street in Sandpoint, where Katie and the rest of the Heart Bowls family have been serving up real food, real energy, with a mission to build healthier, happier communities.

“I want to share with the community the food that has changed my life,” notes Katie. “I want people in Sandpoint to have access to plant-based foods that taste amazing, are fun and exciting to eat, and that ultimately become a part of their life and transform their health; to heal our planet by creating a healthy, happy culture around food.”

Serving up smiles, island vibes and healthy, happy food for both breakfast and lunch (8am to 3pm seven days a week), Heart Bowls specializes in açaí bowls, smoothies, coffee and espresso drinks, rice bowls and salads, breakfast sandwiches, avocado toasts, and delicious gluten-free baked goods. “Our classic Açaí Bowl, Loaded Avocado Toast, and Southwest Rice Bowl are the most popular dishes; however, our smoothies, dairy-free milkshakes and coffee are also big hits,” Katie smiles.

Heart Bowls prides themselves on being the only establishment in Sandpoint that is 100 percent dairy-free, egg-free and plant-based, and everything they serve can be made gluten-free.

“My team and I believe that we have the opportunity to serve and heal our community every day with the foods we serve,” shares Katie. “We see food and hospitality as medicine, and we actively work toward creating a safe, loving and inclusive space for all people.”

Katie is proud that she has built a team of passionate people who work together to achieve a common mission; a work culture and environment where the team genuinely enjoys showing up to a job where they are happy and thriving. In return, they are able to serve their guests with that same level of love and enthusiasm that they have amongst their team.

Katie aims to utilize her voice and knowledge of nutrition and cuisine to transform the way people see and experience healthy food. She is proud that Heart Bowls is a business that speaks up for causes they believe in and are not afraid to bring politics and beliefs into the business. “It brings me so much joy knowing that we are doing something that has so much intention and is mission-focused,” she adds.

Katie and the team at Heart Bowls actively participate in local and social campaigns supporting human rights, women’s rights and animal rights, donating to the Bonner County Human Task Force and various animal welfare groups.

“I cannot wait for you to come eat with us for breakfast or lunch. I know that you will love it, and who knows, it might just change your life,” Katie smiles.

Heart Bowls

102 South First Avenue

Sandpoint, Idaho


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