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Creating Special Moments and Lasting Memories - Posie Picnics

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Surprise a loved one with a lavish picnic

By Jillian Chandler


A seed was planted in the summer of 2022, and today, that idea has blossomed and is beginning to flourish.

Posie Picnics, the brainchild of Hannah Allshouse, is a luxury picnic business, perfect for any event—whether it’s a proposal, anniversary, birthday party, bachelorette party, elopement or date night. Big or small. Outside or indoors. Hannah uses her talents to create an alluring oasis for her clients. She has it all! Teepee, rugs, floor tables, pillows and cushions, tableware, lanterns, candles, flowers … and of course, the food! Hannah takes care of all the details.

“All you have to do is show up and surprise your party with an experience they’ll never forget,” she smiles. “You enjoy your time and then I come and clean it all up!”

Hannah shares that she has always been creative and sought to do something with that creativity. She was ambitious … but without an idea she was passionate about—which led to the start of various business ventures or projects that would then die out. “But then I saw this idea of a luxury picnic setup, and it seemed to fit what I love perfectly,” she remembers. “I love that I can still be a full-time mom but have this creative outlet that allows me to be a part of amazing, special moments in people’s lives and make their dreams come true. I really want to capture your heart’s desire for your special moment.”

To achieve this for each client she serves, Hannah strives to go above and beyond, providing the highest quality service and experience.

When booking one of these specialty picnics with Hannah, you’ll share a bit about your event, and depending on how elaborate it is, Hannah will give you a call to go over the specifics in more detail. “Some events fit the packages I have already created perfectly, while I can also customize a package just for you!” she smiles.

Picnics can be customized to serve anywhere from two to 30 people! Hannah has partnered with the Peppered Mercantile, located in downtown Sandpoint, to do the catering. They have specially created a few different menus from which the client can choose.

When it comes to location, the sky’s the limit! As Hannah notes, “I can set up really anywhere! I once had a proposal that was on the side of a cliff! I hiked out the stuff and set up, and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. A birthday party at City Beach, a bachelorette party at an Airbnb, a girls’ night in your dining room, a surprise date in your backyard! It’s amazing what a Posie Picnic setup can do to transform a space.”

Add-ons include twinkle lights, cornhole, a mini photo shoot with a local photographer, a Polaroid camera with film. “Here’s the thing with me,” Hannah adds, “you oftentimes won’t only get the things listed here, as I’m a dreamer and have lots of ideas, so things will probably escalate in the best way!”

What truly brings Hannah joy is seeing the look on the faces of her clients and those special people in their lives who have been blessed with a Posie Picnic. “There’s nothing like seeing a girl’s face walking up to a proposal like she hit the jackpot with her man. And really, that’s what I love so much. These events bring so much intentionality to a marriage or dating/engaged relationship. It’s so special to see someone feel so loved.”

Hannah has been part of the Sandpoint community for the past eight years; her family relocating here to start a church—Regeneration Calvary Chapel. Soon after, she met “the most amazing man”—her best friend and now husband, Jason, whom she married three years ago. Together, they have their beautiful daughter, Rosie. When not leading worship at their church or creating the next dream picnic for a client, you will most likely find Hannah, Jason and Rosie taking in the beauty of Sandpoint at the beach, playing volleyball, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. They also make the time to play music whenever they can.

Currently, Posie Picnics is a seasonal offering during the warmer summer months, though a Posie Picnic can be done indoors any time of year. If you’re looking to surprise someone special with a beautiful and memorable experience this summer, let Hannah at Posie Picnics create a one-of-a-kind picnic that won’t soon be forgotten. Those interested in scheduling a picnic, call Hannah at 530.210.8812 or email

Posie Picnics


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