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Lewis and Hawn ‘More than Just Teeth’

Updated: Jun 17

Lewis and Hawn Dental offers a different approach

By Jillian Chandler

Lewis and Hawn
Photo by Tanner French Films

By Jillian Chandler

Lewis and Hawn Dental offers a different approach Entrusting someone with your smile and oral health is an important decision. Here in Sandpoint, if you’re looking for a team of experienced professionals who go above caring for your teeth and gums but also nurturing your entire well-being, Lewis and Hawn is ready to answer the call.

“Like most dental offices, we value the health of teeth and gums,” affirms Dr. Mark Hawn. “But instead of just being a tooth mechanic, we dive deeper into the root cause of problems. We utilize cutting-edge techniques and technologies to identify and address potential issues proactively.”

At Lewis and Hawn, they take pride in this unique combination of traditional, cutting-edge dentistry, and a more preventative holistic approach. It is through these advanced techniques that they can help optimize oral health while also considering the broader picture of overall well-being.

The team at Lewis and Hawn take the time to engage in discussion to help determine the individual needs of each patient they serve. And when care is needed, they have the latest technologies to provide the best care possible through the use of cone beam technology (a 3D X-ray that improves diagnostic abilities), digital impression (no more GOOEY impressions), CEREC technology (enables them to make crowns in just a few minutes, eliminating the need for temporaries) and more. They provide advanced care through implant surgeries, laser technologies, orthodontics and clear aligners, TMD/headache/migraine treatments, and cosmetic and smile makeover therapies. “If a patient wants to ‘try a new smile,’ we can place temporary veneers so they can really see what a new smile would like — before they commit to treatment,” Dr. Hawn adds.

In addition to high quality, traditional dental care, they  also evaluate the airway, joints, facial development, sleep, and tongue mobility. “We take an airway-focused perspective, recognizing its impact on issues like grinding, headaches, migraines, poor sleep, sleep apnea, decay and a lot more,” Dr. Hawn states. “Treating airway concerns early is so crucial. Instead of waiting until the baby teeth fall out, if the airway is undersized, it can be treated right then.” With the use of a rhinometer, they can map out the size of the airway to determine if their development is on track or needs a boost. Dr. Hawn has seen first hand through expansion orthodontics on all three of his children just how powerful this interceptive care can truly be.

It is this portion of dentistry — the airway-focused approaches — where Dr. Hawn believes he can make the biggest impact in the health and well-being of his patients. “Treatments can occur at almost any age, young children and older adults. And every patient’s situation is so different,” he explains. “Sometimes they just need an oral appliance that can be run through their medical insurance to help their sleep; other times they had teeth taken out previously and now their jaw and airway is compromised, and we remodel the jaw to a more normal size. Or we see a child whose tongue isn't functioning properly, working against them and hindering the full development of their jaws. So, we focus on proper resting tongue posture and jaw expansion, which can increase airway size, decrease tonsil size and improve sleep quality."

Dr. Hawn goes on to explain that the airway part of the practice is a huge passion of his. “It is so rewarding seeing an adult patient who hasn't gotten good sleep for years finally be able to get quality sleep. They’re a new person! Or the child who has bags under their eyes, who is snoring, restless and acting out, and finally gets the sleep they need — which can change the trajectory of their life. 

“The simple act of breathing through your nose can greatly improve overall health. It can help with the immune system, nervous system, decrease blood pressure by releasing nitric oxide along with many other benefits.  Some people simply cannot breathe through their nose, and with new technologies, we can better assess the airway and see if we can help.”

For those looking for a high-quality dental office that can help improve oral health, or looking to address, evaluate and treat the airway, Dr. Hawn invites you to reach out to start the journey of full oral health and well-being.

Lewis and Hawn, More Than Just Teeth

2025 Pine Street

Sandpoint, Idaho

208.265.4558 Instagram and Facebook @lewishawndental


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