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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Local man, local business, focused on serving the local community By Jillian Chandler | Photo By Anvil Film Co.

Born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho, Chris Turnbull’s great-great-great grandfather was one of the first settlers of Sagle in the 1880s, making Chris the sixth generation in his family line. “We have been incredibly fortunate to call this place home for a very long time,” he smiles.

A 2013 graduate of Sandpoint High School, Chris tried out many jobs in a variety of fields, from concrete and roofing to customer service. He realized he particularly enjoyed working with customers on one-on-one projects. Chris would then focus his attention on the building industry, learning from the ground up as he worked for several local construction companies.

He discovered the joy of accomplishment he felt when completing each project. “Add them together, and I felt that owning and operating a company would be a good fit for my interests and strengths,” he shares. Chris would then branch out on his own with his company—Box H Construction.

“When I’m not discussing the details of a project with a client, I’m swinging a hammer,” says Chris. “Truth is, I really like to do both. That’s why I started Box H Construction.”

The story behind Box H is rooted in family history. Harley F. Turnbull, Chris' great grandfather, registered the Box H brand back in 1945 in order to graze a few head of cattle on Black Tail Mountain in Sagle. Though Chris never had the chance to meet his great grandfather, he would stumble upon the old branding iron on the family homestead as a child. Chris recalls seeing the branding iron and thinking it was "really cool," but it would continue to sit in the basement for another decade.

Little did Harley or the rest of the Turnbull family know that more than 75 years later Box H would become a brand name and the first trademark name of his great grandson’s business.

At Box H Construction, you will find Chris accompanied by his three full-time employees—all who were born and raised right here in Sandpoint. The team is available for all components of residential construction, from new builds to remodels, add-ons, miscellaneous home repairs and more. Chris genuinely likes people, taking care of them like he would family, and finds fulfillment in helping them with their construction projects.

“I enjoy being in an industry that builds the homes of our community,” shares Chris. “I like working with my clients, my employees, as well as the subcontractors. All of these people make up a large part of our community, and I’m proud to be a part of it.” As construction companies continue to make their way to Sandpoint (from Washington, Montana and beyond) due to the boom in the building industry and increased housing demands, once things have settled down, Chris asks the question: “Where will they be?” Adding, “We know where we’ll be. We’ll be where we’ve always been. Right here in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho.”

For Chris, he finds his ability in making a vision come true for his clients truly rewarding. “One of the best feelings is when a client asks my opinion and then decides to go with it. The collaboration and trust that people put in me to make these big decisions about their personal home is very satisfying.”

When he’s not on the job, you will find Chris spending quality time with his wife Chelsey and their daughter Vera. The three enjoy time on the lake and camping, and riding horses on the family homestead—where his grandfather and great grandfather were born and raised.

“Without my beautiful wife and family, my mom and dad, my crew, and all of the people in the past who inspired me and/or taught me the skills to do this job, none of this could have happened.”

You can’t get more local than Box H Construction. And as Chris affirms, “Your project is local. Your builder should be too.”

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