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Student in the Spotlight: Taylor Granier

Taylor Granier

Taylor Granier, Senior Jason Duchow Photography

Senior Taylor Granier is about as involved in the Sandpoint High School (SHS) community as physically possible. As the class president for all four years of high school, a student council member, Cedar Post staff writer and cheerleader, she embodies what it means to be a Bulldog.

"I love being able to be someone who people can reach out to, whether it’s ideas or questions, and being the person that can help," Taylor described. "I love being a part of the school atmosphere for dances, games or any event, and by being in Student Council and as a cheerleader, it is a great way to create a positive school culture that can keep improving."

Throughout her high school years, Taylor has made a mark through her selfless service, volunteering for organizations such as Panhandle Alliance for Education (PAFE), Ready For Kindergarten, Walk for Hope and the Hoot Owl Café soup kitchen.

"After coming in as a freshman, I was very nervous for my first time volunteering," Taylor recalled. "Since then, I have learned to love helping the community and being able to give back for all of the amazing things they do for the school."

One of Taylor's favorite high school memories came during her sophomore year when she got to participate in the Battle for the Paddle spirit competition for the first time.

"This is an event I always enjoyed growing up, and could not wait to be a part of, but unfortunately missed my freshman year because of COVID," Taylor noted. "So, to finally experience it as an SHS student was very exciting, especially after being a part of all the hard work that went into it."

Taylor explained that she has grown the most at SHS in her leadership abilities, and she credits her first Student Council advisor, Mary Imaz, as a big reason why.

"She pushed me out of my comfort zone, which made me who I am today," Taylor said.

When she is not planning a school function or cheering at a sporting event, one of Taylor's favorite hobbies is crocheting. She also enjoys golfing and skiing with her family on the weekends. Taylor plans to attend college—although she is still deciding where—to study business and marketing.

She is thankful for the four seasons in Sandpoint and the beauty of the lake and mountains, but she is even more appreciative of the supportive community she is surrounded by. If you ask her family, friends or classmates, they will tell you there is no bigger advocate for that community than Taylor.

"By knowing I can have a hand in helping someone love high school as much as I do, then I know it’s all been worth it," Taylor concluded.

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