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Students in the Spotlight- Kody Bocksch

By Christian Weaner

Kody Bocksch, Senior

Through his variety of experiences at Sandpoint High School (SHS), senior Kody Bocksch has already begun to chart his life's plan, and once he graduates next spring, he will be ready for takeoff.

"The extracurricular activities I have chosen allow me to either add a challenge to my day-to-day life or to make progress toward my future career," Kody explained. "I find that for so many people, they are unable to explore their future while still in high school, and I am quite fortunate to have [found] my own route of discovery."

In his first three years at SHS, Kody has stayed busy through numerous sports and clubs.

He plays outfield and pitches for the Bulldogs Baseball team, competes on the SHS Academic Decathlon team that took third place at the national meet last spring, participates in the Aerospace Center of Excellence Sandpoint (ACES) program and works at Däher Aircraft.

"In my time spent at SHS, I have made much progress in my understanding of how there are times for my best effort and how there are separate times for which my best effort simply may not be good enough," Kody noted. "Particularly important in the demonstration of this duality are my efforts with ACES and my current employment at Däher Aircraft."

Growing up, Kody developed a passion for aviation, and he still enjoys flying and building experimental aircraft, like the RV-12 LS he is currently working on and hopes to have flying before the end of the calendar year.

After high school, Kody plans to attend either the United States Air Force or Naval Academy, where he would like to pursue a career in military aviation and engineering. Even beyond his college years, Kody already has an idea what he aspires to achieve.

"Following this time in college, I will serve in the U.S. Armed Services for eight years (at least 10 if I manage to compete in flight school) before searching for employment in either aerospace engineering or as a bush pilot," Kody shared.

Kody loves all the opportunities that living in Sandpoint and attending SHS have provided him. He enjoys spending time outdoors, fly fishing, camping, and appreciating what he views as one of "the most beautiful environments in the Pacific Northwest."

Whatever flight pattern Kody's life leads him to, he will always be thankful for the training ground and home base that Sandpoint has been for him.

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